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Our studio caters to a woman’s need to be just that… a woman. We work out by candlelight to provide ambiance, comfort, security and privacy! Our studio is not only a place to work out, but a “safe haven” for women to come to so she can feel comfortable in her own skin. We provide a ``home`` where we believe in community, fellowship and family. We can't wait to meet you!

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5366 Plainfield Ave NE Suite J • Grand Rapids, MI 49525 • 616.552.3572

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Muskegon Location (MK)

5312 Grand Haven Rd • Norton Shores, MI 49441 • 616.552.2255

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Why our students love Flirt Fitness!

The studio is more than a place to exercise. It’s a clubhouse. It’s a safe-haven; a place to relax and rejuvenate yourself. It’s a meeting place. It’s a place to let go. It’s a family and sisterhood. And, while you are enjoying all that, you get a wonderful workout experience that leaves you feeling confident and beautiful throughout your week!

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Flirt Fitness Studio® Testimonials

"Flirt Fitness has taught me that it is okay to feel sexy, to love my body, myself, and mind. I was sexually abused as a child and have struggled with this through my adult life. I grew up using dance as an outlet, but when I stopped dancing in college, I lost a little bit of me again. I had no way of losing myself in the music and expressing how I felt. Flirt has given that and so much more to me. I have found a community that will accept me for me, on my good days and bad. I have found a place that is loving and kind to one another and continuously promotes this to not only the ladies in class, but to the outside world. Flirt has given me the confidence to let go, to feel sexy and not dirty. I love the support I see, hear, and feel in this studio and I wish more women would become part of it! Yes it is fun, yes it can be sexy, yes it is hard, and a great workout. But, Flirt is family and friendship, Flirt is a place you can come to leave all of your worries behind, where you can get lost in the emotions and realize you are stronger than you ever thought you could be. Flirt has allowed me to release my pain, to live my life, and to love myself. "

"I have never been one to step out of my comfort zone. Ever. It just wasn't an option. I had come to Flirt for a bachelorette party and fell in love immediately. It took me 4 months to finally work up the courage, but I signed up and never looked back! A year later and Flirt has been my one thing that has remained steady in my life. It was there for me when I was working at an extremely stressful job. It was my get away. It was there for me when I finally quit that job, and has been there through these past nine months as I have been unemployed, broke and struggling. When I don't even have the money to pay my bills, I make sure to somehow get the money for class, because if I didn't have Flirt keeping me sane, I don't know where I'd be right now. I recently took another step out of my comfort zone and signed up for Showcase. Flirt has shown me there's so much more in the world than living in a tiny box doing all those things society expects you to do."

Jessica V

"Love it! I have done fitness classes for years at a gym. Nothing challenges my body the way my pole class has. I'm so much more in tuned to my body and what it is truly capable of doing. Great job, Team Flirt! "


"Had a wonderful private party with Cassie at the end of November for my birthday. All of my friends had an amazing time. It was comfortable, fun, and a great workout! I wish I lived closer, I'd sign up for classes in a heartbeat. "


"Love taking classes at Flirt! I never thought I would develop so much strength and confidence!"


"Great environment! Classes taught by inspirational women. Flirt girls rock :)"


"Took the intro class last night and LOVED IT!!! It is so much fun it's just what this momma of 3 little ones needed. It makes me feel sexy again. I'm addicted already and will be back on Wednesdays. I can't wait."


"Just finished my intro class and immediately signed up for an 8 week session. It was so much fun!! Beverly was amazing! I definitely cannot wait to start my class!! I will be sending my friends here!"


"It was amazing how the nerves calm down and your body just does what it naturally does. Very fun and a great workout!"


"Love everything about this place!!!! I'm getting in shape, I feel confident and strong inside and out, and the atmosphere is so supportive! It makes me feel safe to just let go! I'm hooked!"


"I have been taking pole classes here for the last four months, I LOVE IT!!! Amy and Cassie are great instructors and make things really fun 🙂 I noticed a huge change in my strength and muscle definition after taking just one 8 week session. Looking forward to Level 3 pole and the new Burlesque classes starting next week!"


"Had a ball at the studio, can't wait to take another class! Jess, thank you for making our class such a great experience and bringing out our sexy! I really hope studio opens in the Kalamazoo/Portage area soon! Thanks again Ladies, You're ALL just fabulous! "


"I love this place! The environment, the people, the empowerment... I couldn't ask for more. I've only been there twice and after every class I can't wait to come back. I wish class was twice a week!! I'm so happy I found this place. When I'm in class, there is no negativity, just women supporting and cheering other women on. This is for every age old and young and every size. I'm just beginning but this is a journey I'm excited to be apart of."


"I came as a novice already regretting signing up for an intro class because I had no idea what to expect! Jess was welcoming, open and supportive and I was hooked on the laughter, the work out, the encouragement to define sexy for myself but most especially the celebration of women as beautiful strong and capable. This is evident in every class. I feel more confident and sexy each week, have made great friends and signed up for my second session. If you're at all curious, just do it!"


"Great teachers and space. The showcases are amazing great. What a wonderful place for women to be themselves."


"A place filled with strong, beautiful, and fun woman! I never thought I could enjoy workouts but then I entered the purple rooms of Flirt and never looked back. Not only great for fitness but wonderful for meeting new friends!"


" Flirt Fitness isn't just a place to workout. It's a sisterhood of women from all walks of life and all shapes and sizes, that come together to support and empower one another...you just happen to get fit and have a blast in the process! Love this place!"


" I fell in love with Flirt during a 90 minute intro class. I was so nervous at first, but now, 3 1/2 months after starting I have gained so much from Flirt! Not only do I get a great workout, but I also have the drive to work hard both in class and out to increase the strength I need to progress on the pole. This is the first type of "workout" that I really never want to miss! Flirt is helping me to dig deep and connect with my feminine self and to learn to be sexy which has boosted my confidence in all areas in my life! I love Flirt and can't wait to keep progressing!! "

Jen B.

"I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how great the party was!!! My friends and I had SOOOO much fun we could have stayed all night 🙂 Jessica was absolutely FABULOUS. She was a great instructor and she had such a great personality that really made us feel comfortable. All of my friends talked about booking parties too!!! Thank you again. "


"Pole dancing at Flirt is fun, sexy, sensual, and physically demanding. However, it is more than that …… By stripping me of my insecurities, Flirt Fitness has helped me acquire a new sense of self confidence, inner strength, and empowerment that I never had/felt before. It’s a safe environment to discover yourself, physically and emotionally, through the encouragement and love from a sisterhood of empowering women. Thank you Flirt Fitness for having the passion to help women grow sexy and confident! "


"I am so inspired by all the women at Flirt Fitness. They motivate you to become a better, stronger, happier, sexier you! The techniques and style of all the different classes fits anyone's lifestyle, which makes you become addicted really fast. At the end of an amazing training session, you feel incredible, inspired, more confident and a whole lot sexier! Thank you Amy and your amazing instructors for this wonderful journey! "


"In college, I was part of a sorority- a sisterhood of supportive women. I graduated about 2 years ago and felt lost; my best friends moved away and I really didn’t have a group of people to have fun with, lean on for support and provide encouragement. I initially had taken the plunge and started a Level 1 class at Flirt Fitness for the workout aspect but it grew to be something so much more. Don’t get me wrong, I love the workout- I lost weight, became stronger, and gained flexibility but the biggest motivator to continue my pole journey is the “family” that I gained. I can walk into the studio on the worst of days and my mood instantly changes. I am greeted by hugs, booty smacks, compliments, smiling faces, the smell of sweat from a good workout, snacks, beautiful women of all ages and body shapes, and a sisterhood who accepts everyone’s quirks and flaws. Flirt is an escape from the daily struggles. Flirt is a safe haven. Flirt is something new and exciting. Flirt is confidence boosting. Flirt is lifelong friendships. Flirt is a place to call home. I am forever grateful and blessed to be a part of the Flirt Family <3 "


"As I was cleaning Grand Rapids studio tonight, I got a little emotional. I miss class, dancing, poling, you and all the girls. I'm so thankful for everything Amy does and have made possible for not only me, but everyone at Flirt. I'm thankful to her for allowing me to be a part of it all, even if it's just cleaning for now. She has no idea how much Flirt Fitness has impacted my life. I love her for that and she's also one strong and beautiful person, inside and out! "


"I have been taking classes here for the last 4 months and I LOVE IT! Amy and Cassie are great instructors and make things really fun 🙂 I noticed a huge change in my strength and muscle definition after taking just one 8 week session! "


" Some serious sass is happening here, with the privacy and comfort I was looking for in a studio. My ABS & ARMS will never be the same! "


"I started taking classes in March and it is super addicting. As a person with no upper body strength I have seen it improve week after week. The muscle definition I am getting in places I never did before is sick (think inner thighs ladies). The classes make you feel sexy and confident. Amy is a wonderful instructor and no need to be shy; you always bond with your classmates. This is a great full body workout that combines dance, gymnastics, and strength. If you feel shy bring a friend you are sure to have a fun time and not even realize it is a workout until the next day when you are sore 🙂 "


"Just wanted to say THANK YOU for an amazing time on Saturday for my sisters bachelorette party! Jessica was an incredible instructor (we are still all in awe of her talent), super fun, and made the class very relaxed and enjoyable!! We seriously talked about our experience all night ..and this morning because of our sore muscles. :). Once again, thank you so much for the fabulous start to Lindsay's big night!!"


"7 months ago I could barely walk, couldn't sit Indian style and could not tie my own shoes. After surgery, I thought I would have to relent and face being old. Your class has really helped me to bend and move those frozen-in-place muscles. I feel really proud to be in your class. My family is horribly embarrassed, but I am so glad I have the opportunity to feel positive and sexy. Sara, thank you for being such an awesome instructor! I have done boy stuff all of my life, mostly by necessity. Now, I am finally learning how to be a girl, and my childhood dreams of being a princess will come true with the next level (Pole Princesses). I have to giggle at that thought."


"I found Flirt Fitness last January. I attended the Valentine's Lap Dance Workshop and LOVED it! I am completely hooked on pole classes at Flirt! It was a wonderful time for me to start class as I was just diagnosed with a heart condition. I am not able to run for exercise anymore, but my cardiologist has approved me attending pole class! Four years ago, I broke my neck, but pole doesn't over work my neck like some other exercises. I also have severe arthritis in my body which limits my activity levels. Finding Flirt Fitness has been wonderful. I have fun. I exercise. I feel sexy! I couldn't have done it without you. Thanks to Amy, Cassie & Beverly for being patient with me on y sore days! "


"Growing up, money was always tight. Taking dance, gymnastics, or fill-in-the-blank lessons was not an option. As I got older, the desire to learn pretty much ANY group activity never faded. If anything, it compounded with a feeling of being left behind as I watched other girls becoming good at various skills. The only thing I was good at was school, and that was in no way considered cool. It didn’t help that I grew up struggling to fit in with other girls. As a child I was quiet and tried to stay out of the way; it’s difficult to bully a person no one knows exists. However, even attempted-invisibility couldn’t fully prevent being picked on by other kids, most of whom were females. These encounters shaped a view of other girls as potential threats instead of potential friends. That urge to attend a dance class never faded as an adult, so my interest was piqued when I saw Flirt’s Groupon. Initially I thought there was no way I could do a dance class since my coordination is on par with an infant learning to walk for the first time. However, Flirt carved out a little niche in my brain and kept poking me with the craving to sign up. I tried to beat the thought down, but eventually one night I gave in and hit the purchase button for Flirt’s level one class. On the night of our first class, I staked out a spot and began scoping everyone out. Then Deana came strolling into class, I’m assuming laughing and telling one of her stories which makes you feel like you’ve been best friends for years. Deana is so full of instant warmth for other women, which was something I’d never seen. She quickly made it evident Flirt is one of the few places where women embrace, encourage, and accept each other. No questions asked. Since that first class, I’ve grown to see each of you as my friends; I’m thrilled by your successes both inside and outside of the studio. Though I’m still not a graceful creature and often require extra help with getting new moves, I cherish the assistance and encouragement each of you has given me. These garters represent much more than just checking another level off. They represent finally getting to do group classes and learn a talent. Perhaps most importantly, they represent the change of how I view other women. Can you imagine how wonderful the world would be if women built each other up like we do at Flirt? Anyhow, this pretty much is a long way of saying thanks to each of you for being my pole sisters."

Courtney A

"When I was 14, I developed bulimia. The psychological damage from that experience has been difficult to heal. My mind often fills with negative criticism. This past January, I realized my self-esteem was again falling, so I searched for an empowering activity to help me escape. I found Flirt. Finding Flirt has changed my life. The instructors and the activity itself have given me the tools I need to build a heathier relationsiop with my body. It has reshaped my perception of sexy. For me, feeling sexy is now less about how I look and more about how I feel. I look forward to those 90 minutes each week because in that room, I can be me. My body has never felt so alert and ready to participate in the world. Flirt successfully carves out space for women in which they can be sexy, strong, and confident for themselves. It allows me to take more risks and overall feel comfortable in bonding with my enfironment, which now seems less threatening and more like a playground of opportunities. For this, I will always be thankful, and I look forward to continuing my Flirt journey. "


"I saw a Groupon for pole dancing, and it sounded like a lot of fun. I didn't think it was an option for me to try pole dancing, as I'm overweight. Unfortunately, all my life, I don't do a lot of stuff because I let my weight get in the way. When I went to class, I had a blast! I didn't feel like people were judging me. I felt comfortable and I might even say for the first time, I FELT SEXY! All the ladies were encouraging, and to my surprise weren't all a size 0-6. When my friend signed up for an 8-week session, I did too. I showed up to class and loved it! I was doing something that was so much fun, and making new friends while doing it! Every week I push myself harder. I feel myself getting stronger. I nailed most of the moves in Level 1. Then, moved on to level 2! I was nervous to climb, but finally had a break through moment and climbed three times!!! The instructors are great and the follow polees are so encouraging. I am hooked. I tend to quit when things get difficult, but I'm bound and determined to get to the top of the pole and sign my name on that ceiling! I absolutely can't believe how far I've come in 13 weeks. Things I'd never imagine were possible for my body type - I am doing. Thank you for all you ladies do. I look forward to the weekly challenges."