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Flirt Fitness is a loving community of women who build each other up in and out of the studio. We want you to develop lasting relationships with the women you meet, and for Flirt to be your home away from home. It is our hope to inspire all women to feel confident in their own skin, to feel relaxed and rejuvenated, and to let go and let loose. We’re a family and a sisterhood — and on top of all that, you get a great pole fitness workout that leaves you feeling confident and beautiful throughout your week.

Flirt Fitness Studio® is for ALL women. To be clear, that means anyone who identifies as a woman. We are committed to being a trusted “home” where women can feel a sense of community, fellowship and family as a part of their fitness journey. A place where all women feel welcomed, loved and supported, and are treated equally. Our classes are the perfect workout for all body types and ages. Flirt actively promotes body positivity and is accepting of all persons who identify as a woman. Get in touch with our studios below to learn more about the amazing benefits of a pole workout and how to become part of the Flirt Fitness Studio® family. Welcome to West Michigan’s premier pole fitness studios, we can’t wait to meet you!

Pole Workout Classes, Parties & More!


All of our classes, workshops, and private parties are taught by PFA Certified Pole Fitness Instructors who each go through a 16-week comprehensive training and apprenticeship program, as well as complete on-going training. They know exactly what will work best for your body, mind, and spirit, while keeping safety a priority. Check out our offerings below and become part of the Flirt Fitness family!

Signature Pole Fitness Classes

Signature Pole Classes


During our 55-minute Signature Pole Classes, you will experience a warm up, unique curriculum trick teaching that is designed to progress you in a safe way and set you up for a successful pole journey, ending with either our signature routine dancing or freestyle. These classes run 8 weeks long, you can take each level as many times as you want and you can take different levels at the same time!

Bachelorette Pole Dancing Parties

Private Parties


Your Flirt Fitness Studio® instructor will start by taking you through a high energy, fun warm up! She will then teach you and your fabulous friends a few pole moves and sassy floor work. You’ll end your celebration by learning a signature routine!

Specialty Pole Fitness Classes

Dance/Fit/Flex Classes

Dance / Fit / Flex classes are for those that want to focus on specific dance, fitness and flexibility areas of their journey. These classes will honor those that need gentle movement, are coming back to fitness postpartum, need more one on one fitness time with a certified instructor, are nursing or coming back from injuries and more. These classes are also for the hard core fitness and/or pole junkie that wants to sky rocket / advance their fitness levels fast and quick! These classes include split and back bend training, dancing and movement experiences, body sculpt, pole strong, handstands, doubles and more. Perfect for women looking to take their pole journey to the next level!

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