Frequently Asked Questions


Check out our FAQ below and some of the most commonly asked questions about our studio, memberships, what to wear, etc. If there is a question you would like to see answered here, contact us and let us know. We will do our best to answer and provide clarification to all of our current students and future potential students. Get in touch with us below to add to our FAQ or to learn more about Flirt Fitness Studio®.

FAQ About Our Studio

Classes are held in 8-week sessions. Each session includes 8 classes. Classes run 50 minutes. There are 10 levels that a student can advance through. To move to the next level, the previous levels must first be completed.

  • Level 1 – Pole Kittens
  • Level 2 – Pole Princesses
  • Level 3 – Pole Goddesses
  • Level 4 – Pole Sirens
  • Level 5 – Pole Vixens
  • Level 6 – Pole Masters
  • Level 7 – Pole Hottie Degree (PHD)
  • Level 8 – Pole Flirts
  • Level 9 – Pole Stars
  • Level 10 – Pole Warriors
  • Elite Prep
  • Elite
  • Curvaceous Kittens – Plus Size Series

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Yes! We know life can get busy and you may need to miss one of your scheduled classes. You can make up a missed class at any time as long as it’s in the same level (or a lower level) you are currently attending. Unused classes may not be transferred to an upcoming session.

Women of all ages and sizes can participate, benefit, and have tons of fun getting into shape! What to wear to class…

1. Wear comfy clothes like you are attending a yoga or pilates class.
2. Don’t wear any lotions on your hands or body.
3. Don’t wear any jewelry on your hands, wrists or ankles.
4. We work out in bare feet – no shoes required!

Classes run 50 minutes. Each class is unique to Its title so check the descriptions on our app and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. For your pole class, you can expect a thorough warm up, pole time and either our signature choreography or freestyling to finish the class!

Flirt Fitness does not offer daycare but if you are booking a private lesson on our off hours, please feel free to bring the kiddos with you if you need to!

While pregnant poling is not recommended, we have so many other dance, fitness and flex classes that are an option!

All moves can be modified up or down and designed for you to see an inevitable body transformation while feeling comfortable and safe!

Of course you will! All the women in a Level 1 class are brand new to this type of movement. Nothing is expected of you and our instructors are trained to create a non judgmental, relaxed, supportive atmosphere in class. It may be hard to step out of that box, but I promise you it will be the most rewarding step you have ever taken. Do it for yourself!

Yes! For sanitary reasons, we urge you to bring your own mat. We will also rent mats at the front desk for a nominal fee, but we still recommend you bring a towel to place on top of it.

**If you have a Flirt Premier Membership, a yoga mat is included for you!**

No refunds are given for deposits, payments, etc. There are also no exchanges or transfers. Contact us below if you have any questions.

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