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A Curvaceous Kittens class is similar to our traditional pole classes in warm-ups and some signature class pole tricks. The main difference between a traditional class and Curvaceous Kittens, though, is how tricks are broken down and taught. We take more time to figure out how our bodies can accomplish great things, and are intentional to accommodate all body types in teaching. Tricks are broken down to reference different muscles and grips that work better for curvy women; after all, everyone is different and teaching pole should reflect that.

This class is ideal for the voluptuous, curvaceous, funny, excited, goofy, adventurous, loving women! Essentially: this class is perfect for anyone who might not be ready to take on a traditional pole class, and is looking for a chance to break things down and work more deliberately on feeling comfortable in their body. Curvaceous Kittens is catered to women who are looking to build strength, try something new, and build strong relationships with alike women.

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Why Take a Curvaceous Kittens Classes?

Curvaceous Kittens encourages women to practice with other women who are like them, and build confidence by exposing women to new possibilities for their bodies. Watching someone just like you move sensually and powerfully is an inspiring and empowering feeling, and our students get to experience that during every single class. This class focuses on:

  • strength and conditioning.
  • building confidence.
  • improving agility & pole prowess.

What To Love About This Class


Our instructor says: “I love this class because it allows me to move along side my pole-sisters and gain confidence in my body, in myself, and truly enjoy moving with and around the pole.”

Students who have taken Curvaceous Kittens express that what drew them to Flirt Fitness is a desire to try something totally new and out-of-the-box; gym memberships and other programs weren’t working for them, and they wanted to come somewhere where they could love themselves and have fun; that is what’s most important here at Flirt! Those same students now look forward to coming to pole class every week to share this experience with a group of highly supportive and encouraging women.

Curvaceous Kittens Pole Fitness

Testimonials From Our Curvaceous Kittens


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