PoleRoxx was designed with one purpose in mind.  To create support for the world of Pole.  This often misunderstood subsection of the fitness world is a unique blend of power and beauty showcased on a vertical canvas.

What is often lost in the misunderstanding of Pole is the power it has to heal, empower and reconnect the spirit of those who participate.  The world of Pole is one of acceptance and belonging.  It is not just for the strong or physically blessed.  Pole can be the healing balm of the disconnected.

PoleRoxx, LLC was designed to encourage, support, empower and cheer on those who dream boldly.  With the mission of connecting more and more people through Pole, PoleRoxx can help you reach your goals.

Whether you are looking to open your own Pole studio or want consultation on your existing studio, PoleRoxx is your one-stop source.

Contact Us today to let us know how we can help you accomplish your Pole dreams!