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Amy Schoonover
Owner/Founder of Flirt Fitness Studio®

I have a passion for women. I want them to feel loved, strong… like they matter – because they do. Every woman that steps into our space is amazed at the outpouring kindness that our community shares. I want women to know that they do belong here, they can do this, and they will succeed here. I desire for every women to be able to know that they are beautiful; “there is no flaw in you”. Can’t wait to meet you!

Owner of Pole Roxx
Owner of Flirt FitnessFranchising
USPSF Studio Owner Symposium Coordinator
Master Trainer with Pole Moves
Liquid Motion® 1.0 & 2.0 Certified Instructor
Aerius Spin Pole Certified Instructor
DrumFit® Certified Instructor
Board Member of Moms Bloom


Our studio caters to a woman’s need to be just that… a woman. We work out by candlelight to provide ambiance, comfort, security and privacy! Our studio is not only a place to work out, but a “safe haven” for women to come to so she can feel comfortable in her own skin. We provide a “home” where we believe in community, fellowship and family.