Polewear Roundup

Whether it’s finding performance outfits, locating a perfect set for a styled photoshoot, or just looking for some new workout gear; navigating the world of polewear is no easy task…the sizing is crazy, the prices can be insanely high, and the products come from all over the world. While there are ways to shop cute polewear on a budget, the sentiment, “you get what you pay for” applies here, and has been echoed time and time again by instructors and students alike at Flirt Fitness. In this post, we’ll break down some different polewear and sportswear brands for you, so you can shop with ease and within your budget! 

Please note that none of these brands are endorsed by Flirt Fitness Studio, and these reviews are based on the individual opinions of the author of this blog and other dancers/instructors at Flirt Fitness.

Price Key (average of full-priced items): 

$ = under $30

$$ = $30-$50

$$$ = $50-$80

$$$$ = $80+ 

Cleo the Hurricane

Price Range: $$

Based in: California, USA

Sizes: XS-XXXL

Review: This brand carries lots of coverage options! All of their tops and bottoms feature multiple cuts for the same patterns, giving you a lot of flexibility on how much skin you want to show – for example, the bottoms all come in three variations: hot pants (full coverage), scanty pants (cheeky coverage), and high waist. They carry sets as well as leotards (named “Cleotards”), leggings, hoodies, tees, and other accessories. Lots of Flirt Family members recommend their bottoms, which all have matching tops for a complete set. Their products run true to size.

Luna Pole Wear

Price Range: $$$

Based in: Sydney, Australia

Sizes: XS-XXL

Review: Luna has very well constructed pole bottoms, with ample material in the crotch to ensure no special appearances! All of their pole tops have built in padding, and the majority are triangle bikini top style. They carry a variety of coverage options for bottoms including high waist and low waist, some with higher cuts in the hips. Their designs are strappy, glittery, and velvety; and everything in between. This brand is mostly recommend for their bottoms.

Pineapple Clothing

Price: $$

Based in: Miami, Florida, USA

Sizes: XS-XL

Review: Pineapple Clothing is a USA based company that actually manufactures and designs all of their products in the United States. They have an activewear line with leggings, sports bras, tees, and shorts. The styles are cute and made from “eco-friendly” materials. 

Twisted Polerina

Price: $

Based in: New York, USA

Sizes: S-XL

Review: Twisted Polerina is a boutique that carries apparel, and not so much actual polewear. Their website carries Cleo the Hurricane polewear, actually. They carry tanks, hoodies, leg warmers; all of your warm up clothes!

Cute Booty Lounge

Price: $$-$$$

Based in: Los Angeles, California, USA

Sizes: XXS-XXL

Review: Booty Camp instructor Ally says this brand is perfect for shaping and housing your booty! Shorts, sweats, and leggings with scrunch butts galore to shape your buns. Not to mention, tons of patterns to choose from. Their booty shorts would definitely work for pole, and all of their bottoms have matching tops including sports bras, bralettes, crop tops, etc. They offer lots of different coverage options and fits across their entire line.


Price: $$

Based in: United Kingdom

Sizes: XS-XL, custom

Review: Wink carries lots of different sportswear and has a pole fitness shop on their website. Lots of very unique designs and coverage options across their line, and they offer men’s options as well. The designs are all remarkably bold and showy. Their line runs true to size and they do custom fit orders as well, so definitely reach out if you feel like a set built with your measurements would work better for you.


Price: $$-$$$

Based in: Czech Republic

Sizes: XS-XL, custom

Review: Dragonfly is a shop that sells by the size, but will take custom color and sizing orders on their website. Their fabrics are ultra-soft (they’ve been carried in the studios at Flirt Fitness in the past). Their pole-specific designs are geared more toward basic pieces, with some more stylistic designs sprinkled in. They offer a few different coverage options, and are known for their tops that seem to fit most larger bra sizes. All of their pieces come in a whole array of different colors. If you’re feeling extra fancy, they currently have a diamond line of polewear with Swarovsky crystal, as well.

Discount Dance

Price: $-$$

Based in: Pennsylvania, USA

Sizes: highly variable

Review: Discount Dance is somewhat like the Burlington Coat Factory of dance wear: you can find a little bit of everything marked down to prices you really like. DD carries everything from children’s to adult sizing, in every aspect of dancewear from ballet to gymnastics to pole. They carry performance wear, workout gear, and every in between. The website can be tricky to navigate, as they don’t sort the adult wear from the kids wear, and there isn’t a specific filter for it; you have to get a little creative in finding the selection of product you want to browse. When you find it though, the selection will be huge and kind to your wallet. While I haven’t heard complaints about DD, I haven’t heard super high praise for their product quality either; just mountains of high praise for the insanely large selection that they carry.

Rad Polewear

Price: $$

Based in: Greece

Sizes: S-L

Review: Rad Polewear carries well-constructed pole garments, but they all run small. Usually size up at least one size, and double check garment measurements. Their styles vary quite a bit, although they do have some signature pieces offered in various coverage options. For instance, their tops usually come in a halter, tank, and bikini style; their bottoms are either high or low waist. They also carry body suits and leg warmers, as well. 


Price: $$

Based in: Michigan, USA

Sizes: XS-4XL, custom

Review: Peridot is a Michigan based company that makes “rave” and dance clothes. They specialize in doing custom orders with their wide fabric selection and take custom sizing as well. Their online store features dozens of ready-to-order products, and “build-your-own” costume options.  They have a men’s and women’s size guide available in their main navigation, so no questions about where you fall in their sizing spectrum. 

Off the Pole

Price: $$

Based in: United Kingdom

Sizes: XS-XL

Review: Off the Pole offers a variety of online resources for pole fitness and dancing, and their store is relatively small compared to others. They carry a variety of solid but vibrantly colored basic pieces, including a few styles of sport tops, pole shorts, and leggings. Their polewear is less about style and more about utility, as their reviews reflect satisfactions with fabrics and construction.

Paradise Chick

Price: $$-$$$

Based in: Greece

Sizes: XS-L

Review: Paradise Chick offers a wide variety of polewear designs in dozens of colors. Many of their pole sets are reminiscent of bathing suits, and there seems to be some repetition in their swimwear line and polewear line. Their fit runs true to size and has been praised for keeping everything where it needs to be while you’re performing.  

Aside from the brands listed above, stores in your area such as Lulu Lemon, Victoria’s Secret, and Target have been referred for comfortable and affordable sports bras and sport tops. 

The most important thing to remember when purchasing polewear, especially online, is to measure yourself accurately and double check your measurements against the sizing guide on the websites. Polewear famously runs small across many brands, and many polewear brands don’t carry tops to accommodate larger chest sizes. Definitely shop around, read customer reviews, and check return/exchange policies before you order. 

Happy shopping!