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Flirt Fitness Studio MK Ambassador: Autumn Kieft

Name: Autumn Kieft
Studio Affiliation: Muskegon
How long have you been poling? 6 months!

Favorite trick: Dive spin, back hook or pole split

Nemesis trick: Front hook to back hook 

Favorite class you’ve taken at Flirt: Flexibility and Level 2 

Proudest pole moment: Finally getting my fireman spin!

Why do you love pole dance? I love the strength and confidence that it has given me. I love everything that I have learned from pole, but especially how to be more open and fluid. 

In your words, tell us what the job of a Studio Ambassador is: An ambassador is someone who represents the studio with enthusiasm and love. An ambassador loves every aspect of the studio and wants to share that love with others.

Why did you want to become an Ambassador at Flirt? Since the very beginning of my journey at Flirt, I have wanted to share the benefits of pole dance with all of the women in my life. I found that I was even sharing my experience with strangers, and so when the opportunity came up to do that in a more official capacity, I jumped at the chance. 

What are your goals as a Studio Ambassador? I truly believe in the community of Flirt Fitness and want to help expand that community, especially at the Muskegon studio. I think every woman should have the support system and confidence and strength that taking classes at Flirt Fitness provides, and my personal goal is to get every woman that I encounter to give it a try! I would love to see more classes offered at the Muskegon studio, and expanding the student base will encourage that! 

Favorite thing to do outside of pole: Currently, it is traveling and photography. I absolutely love taking pictures of old buildings, nature, interesting things and my friends and family. 

A fun fact about you: A fun fact that I actually learned while taking a flexibility class at Flirt is that my thumbs are the most flexible part of my body! They bend all the way back!