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Flirt Fitness Studio BC Ambassador: Sarah Martin

Name: Sarah Martin 
Studio Affiliation: Byron Center 
How long have you been poling? Just over 1.5 years 

Favorite trick: Cross knee release 

Nemesis trick: Leg hangs

Favorite class you’ve taken at Flirt: Classique 

Proudest pole moment: The first time I performed in showcase.

Why do you love pole dance? It’s very empowering. It has given me so much confidence in my body. Plus, it’s a really fun way to get a great workout!

In your words, tell us what the job of a Studio Ambassador is: I think the main goal of a studio ambassador is to share passion for Flirt! A lot of what we do is through social media, but we also attend community events like parades and expos. I am always available to answer questions about classes or point people in the right direction to find the info that they need.

Why did you want to become an Ambassador at Flirt? I’m obsessed with Flirt! It has changed my life for the better and I just want to shout it from the rooftops! I was also looking for a way to get more involved with the Flirt community.

What are your goals as a Studio Ambassador? I want to spread a positive message about Flirt and help women realize that anyone can pole dance regardless of age or body type. I hope that because of me, new women decide to try Flirt and get to experience all the benefits that I have.

Favorite thing to do outside of pole: Read, sleep, and go on adventures with my kids!

A fun fact about you: I love doing acts of kindness and volunteering with my kids.