COVID-19 Update

Studio Updates About Covid-19


Flirt Fitness Studio® is taking extra precautions at our studios to make sure our students are safe during classes. In accordance with the highest standards of cleanliness we have implemented new procedures. Please read our Covid-19 update below before visiting either of our pole studios!

*We are back to our usual capacity of 1 1/2 - 2 students per pole. All of our poles are 6 feet apart and we provide personal towels and alcohol bottles for each individuals as needed.


  • All areas of the studio will be sanitized before, during and after all classes. A sanitizing solution, with a 99.9% bacteria and virus kill rate will be used to spray, wipe and cleanse all common areas.
  • Each student will be given a cleaning towel and each pole will have a spray bottle of 90% rubbing alcohol to clean their pole.
  • All dirty towels will be placed in an identified receptacle for nightly cleaning and sanitation.
  • Personal belongings will be limited to a water bottle, yoga mat, small personal towel and grip aides, all other personal belongings must stay in personal vehicles, or in lobby. Students will be encouraged to leave personal items in their vehicle.
  • Flirt Fitness Studio ® will implement a mandatory “sanitize in and sanitize out” policy for class rooms, as well as offering hand sanitizer in lobby and common areas.
  • Signs will be posted in restrooms, stating handwashing is mandatory.
  • Students will be required to stay in common area, until the pole room has been appropriately sanitized.
  • Cleanliness posters will be displayed in common areas.

Limiting Congregation/Social Distancing

  • Access to communal areas will be limited, students will not be allowed to congregate, or socialize in communal areas.
  • As apparatuses are 6 feet apart, students will be encouraged to maintain an appropriate area around themselves and their fellow classmates.
  • Hugging or high-fiving will not be allowed after classes.

Limiting Communal Accessories

  • Flirt Fitness Studio® will not allow the renting of yoga mats.
  • The use of chairs/balls/blocks or any other item that could be considered communal, will be appropriately sanitized by instructor, prior to being placed back into storage.
  • Water bottles will still be for purchase, through front desk staff only.

Actions to be taken in the event someone tests positive

  • In the event a student, or staff shows symptoms of COVID-19 they will not be allowed to attend classes or shall be asked to leave immediately.
  • Should someone test positive, Flirt Fitness Studio ® will sanitize and disinfect the studio, in its entirety.
  • Flirt Fitness Studio® will notify all persons whom may have been in contact with infected person, or possibly infected areas.
  • If a person tests positive, they will not be allowed to return to class/studio for 14 days after their symptoms have subsided or can provide a doctor’s note showing they are no longer positive for COVID-19.

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