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Celebrate Halloween, Flirt Style!

It’s October, and Halloween season is officially upon us! For a lot of us this means carving pumpkins, going on hayrides, picking out costumes, and visiting haunted houses. At Flirt Fitness Studio, though, October means the return of the ever-popular Halloween Workshop, taught by senior instructor Beverly Koch – she’s going to bring the haunted house right to you. This will be the third year she’s teaching Flirt’s Halloween Workshop; we did a short interview with Bev to get you the details on all things spooky at Flirt this Halloween…

Q: We all know Halloween is one of your favorite holidays – why is that? What do you love about Halloween?

A: Halloween is definitely my favorite holiday! I love costumes, decorations, and being scared! I wish I could keep my home decorated creepy all year round.

Q: Where does your inspiration for the Halloween Workshop choreography come from?

A: My inspiration for my workshop routines sometimes come from looking dances up online and then adding my own twist to them, or just playing the song on repeat and recording myself freestyle dancing to see what I come up with!

Q: What kinds of themes have you used in the past for the workshop?

A: My workshop theme in 2017 was Creepy Dolls. My workshop theme for 2018 was visiting an insane asylum (so dressing up as a patient, doctor, or nurse).

Q: And what is this year’s workshop theme?

A: This year’s theme is: “Nightmare’s Come to Life” – students will dress up as their own worst nightmare.

Q: Students can win a cash prize at the workshop – how do they do that?

A: Students can win a cash prize of $100 by winning a costume contest. I’ll take their picture before the workshop starts, and those pics will be posted on Flirt’s Facebook and Instagram and the public can vote. You can share your pic on your personal page to also get more votes!

Q: Is this workshop open to all class levels?

A: This workshop is open to Flirt students only, and all levels are welcome.

Q: Is there anything else students should know about the workshop?

A: This year, I would love my students to write a little bio on why they are dressed up the way they are, [so we can understand their worst nightmare]. A nightmare could be anything, so a bio with their picture could help them boost their chances to win the costume contest! They should come to the workshop with 2-3 sentences about their nightmare/costume.

Q: What is your all-time favorite Halloween costume you’ve worn?

A: My all-time favorite costume is probably my Incredible Hulk costume. I think I am getting an inflatable costume this year though – that might become my favorite.

Q: Do you have an all-time favorite Halloween movie?

A: I have a handful of favorite scary movies. I love The Exorcist (I first saw it when I was 8), the first couple Paranormal Activity movies, Poltergeist, anything Stephen King, The Conjuring, and The Ring.

Q: What are your favorite Halloween traditions?

A: Before becoming a mom, I loved dressing up and bar hopping on Halloween! Since having my son, I love helping out at his school parties, going trick or treating with him, and we’ve been going to a family Halloween party at my friend Angela’s the last three years.

Bev’s Halloween workshop is scheduled for Friday October 25, from 7-8:30 pm. Flirt students should register online via MindBody, or at the front desk of their studio. Stay tuned for more on Bev’s new inflatable Halloween costume…