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A Meditation for Swimsuit Season

The sun is shining in the sky, it has been almost a week since you’ve left the AC, and you are desperate to jump into a body of water.  But, you are procrastinating because that means you have to put on a swimsuit and people will see you wearing it. Naturally you are not alone in your terror.  Women across the country suffer from swimsuit season anxiety. Negativity is king of the nightmare putting one of those spandex monster on your body. But, what if we stopped letting that fear into our lives and started being thankful for our bodies; for the adventure putting that swimsuit on it will bring.

Imagine yourself on a beach.

The waves are gently splashing against a large rock on the shore.

The cool breeze brushes against your skin like a whisper.

Your hair blows in the wind and it makes you feel like a model in the middle of a photoshoot.

The lines on your face tell of times past and kisses from our Mother Sun.

Sweat is dripping down your neck into your breasts as they glisten when the light beams down on them.

Suddenly you hear music playing; it’s the songs of summer playing as your very own background music.

Memories of the song fill your soul and your cup is beginning to overflow.

Memories of that first kiss, college graduation, the day your first child was born, or maybe of the day you found yourself after being very lost.

You sit proudly on the beach, your waist size doesn’t matter because your core is where you pull your strength from both physically and spiritually.

Your legs radiate in the sun and tell the stories of all the places they have carried you in your life.

You’ve forgotten that you’re even wearing the swimsuit because it doesn’t matter what is on our bodies it is where it has taken us that matters.

My Flirties, find love within yourselves now and let it lead your heart.  Don’t fear the swimsuit because it is just a piece of fabric. Embrace life and all it has to offer.  While you are busy living your own adventure it won’t matter what you are wearing. You will never look back and think, “I might have had more fun if I had a six pack.”  The experience is worth doing whatever it takes to get there; even wearing a swimsuit.