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When Your Heart is Struggling – A Dancer’s Perspective

When you arrive in class after a long day, or maybe after a long night… what is driving you during your practice and performance – even before class begins?

We wake up every day with a purpose, with crazy schedules, with life pulling on our minds every day. Every time we make contact with the pole during the first stretch and warm-up, we are reconnecting ourselves with our true selves outside of our obligations. Pole is, without a doubt, one of the best therapies.

Some days, however, we notice we’re not strong in our dance or find our bodies into our favorite tricks because we’re fighting something in our hearts.

And that’s okay.


You are a beautiful artist.

You are a graceful dancer.

No matter what you are going through then or right now, I challenge you every day to take any negativity that may be going through your life and USE IT as your motivation to be the beautiful goddess you are.

Put on your favorite top and shorts during your next class and SHINE like the world knows how powerful you feel when you’re practicing.

Allow a song to release stashed emotions that may be dragging you down.

Take comfort in the company with each of your sisters at the studio as a chance to reconnect with those who feel the exact same way as you do.

With each trick, remind yourself that you are strong enough. Sometimes our bodies needs a little TLC to physically get there, but be kind to your body – and GIRL, don’t be afraid to teach it how it’s done.

We cannot grow if we allow our pasts, our current emotions, our circumstances, our insecurities to be involved. With every goal, throw away what isn’t making you feel happiness and strength in your soul.

Allow the power of a challenging pole class be your therapy to become stronger than you’ve ever been.

Dance with your heart and let it heal you.

Much love