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What Sets Us Apart: Pole Moves

We can all agree that Flirt Fitness is full of amazing instructors – just reading through their bios and staff spotlights on our blog makes that obvious. Our staff comes from extremely diverse professional backgrounds and brings their own unique twist to the classes offered at Flirt. However, all of our instructors have at least one very important thing in common: their Pole Moves certification.

Pole Moves is a company that certifies pole dance instructors. Every single instructor at Flirt Fitness has at least one, if not more, Pole Moves certifications.

Studio owner Amy Schoonover became one of only 7 Master Trainers with Pole Moves by 2014. As a Master Trainer, Schoonover can certify any of the four Pole Moves levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced, and acro pole). In 2018 she certified 30 individuals (during her time as a Master Trainer, she estimates that she has trained over 75 people).  She’s trained people in person, online, and through a combination of other platforms to certify people all over the world.

You’re probably wondering at this point why Pole Moves is so important – it’s just a certification, right? There are actually only 3 or 4 accredited pole fitness certifications in the entire world – that means instructors, studio owners, and dancers don’t have a lot to choose from when they turn pole into a profession, and move beyond it being a hobby. It also means that there aren’t a lot of options for instructors to have a professional certification prior to actually teaching classes; not all pole studios have certified instructors.

“10 years ago, if you could do a jade split, you were a master of the pole. The industry has come a long way.” Pole Moves makes sure those teaching pole dancing, pole fitness, and pole sport know what they’re doing. They just updated training requirements in 2018 to stay current with the sport.

Schoonover says, “I’m confident in Pole Moves compared to other certifications, because the owners are at the top of their industry and they know what we need to be doing and teaching. What we do can be very dangerous. People see that it’s fun, sensual, beautiful, and sexy; but at the end of the day, if you look the wrong way, you can really hurt yourself. I take pride that we have a [Pole Moves] trained and certified staff.”

There are thousands of pole studios around the world with talented staff and instructors, but talent doesn’t equate to being a certified professional. “…they do internal training or they don’t do training at all. I would say that the majority of studios don’t require that their staff is certified. I take a lot of pride that our staff is certified, especially by a third party, and then they get teacher training here at Flirt. Safety is our priority. You know, coming in as a student, that we’ve got you.”

At Flirt Fitness, our instructors need the following certifications to teach level classes:

              Level 1 Pole Moves = Flirt levels 1-4

              Level 2 Pole Moves = Flirt levels 5-7

              Level 3 Pole Moves = Flirt levels 8-10

              Level 4 Pole Moves = Flirt elite

At Flirt, we are amazingly lucky to have four Level 4 certified instructors teaching our students. Schoonover, reflecting on her staff, says, “People can feel comfortable that we know what we’re talking about, and that we can safely teach them.” Each Pole Moves certification takes 16 weeks; our teacher training at Flirt is an additional 16 weeks. Each instructor at Flirt has a minimum of 32 weeks of training before they start teaching students on their own – where else can you get that kind of service and peace of mind in your pole classes?

Flirt staff can choose how many certifications they want based on what classes they actually want to teach, so you’ll never have an instructor who is uncomfortable teaching a skill to you – they’re trained, confident, and ready to safely guide you through your pole journey. 

Contact Information:
Email: amypolemoves@gmail.com
Phone: 616-723-7350