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We Are Superheros!

My last post was a bit of a Debbie-downer. THIS one will be centered around being empowered. We as women have been repressed. I know I know, sometimes things are the way they are, but in all seriousness, we have been raised to believe that we NEED help. When things get down, or hard, we have been taught to freak-out and seek assistance. This is so ingrained into our upbringing, most of us don’t even notice it anymore!  Think about the fairy tales, we all loved as children (and to be honest, still do). The women gets into trouble and a man saves her. Well NOT anymore!

Ladies. We can do things ON OUR OWN! We can be superhero’s in our own right! Let’s take a few moments to reflect on that notion. What makes a superhero so super? Strength? Courage? Stamina? The ability to fly? A super-sweet costume? Gadgets and gizmos a plenty? Nifty side kick?

Please! Have you seen the amazing feats we achieve?

Strength: Check! We learn to use our bodies as counter weights, climb and twist into some pretty spectacular moves.

Courage: Check! You’re not getting into those moves without believing you CAN and WILL master that trick.

Flying: DOUBLE CHECK! You cannot get your name on that ceiling without getting up there!

Stamina: TRIPPLE CHECK! Remember back to your intro class? When you were convinced those prances would kill you (cause I, for sure do). What was hard last session, is now your warm up.

Super Sweet Costume: Super Check, plus glitter! Poling clothes are absolutely adorable! They make you feel strong, fierce and maybe a little sexy ;).

Gadgets and Gizmos: Check! We have our grips, knee pads, leg warmers, gloves, heels, cannot forget the heels.

Nifty Side Kick: circled, checked and crossed off! Flirt has created an amazing space for women to be supported, loved and cared about. It is an open space, where NO ONE judges you, ever. IF ever I were in danger, I know my girls would be scaling buildings in pole shorts and heels; ready to kick some serious butt.

We can get through this crazy messy thing called life, and we don’t need someone to tell us how to do things, or to save the day (unless we want them to, of course). I have learned a lot over my time at Flirt, and I can say hands-down that I have recognized confidence in myself, that I never knew I had. I know going into class after a rough (or super rough) day; I will leave rejuvenated. Having supportive and caring people, who notice when I am down, trying in earnest to lift me up, it’s empowering. Flirt Fitness has made believe in the superhero within myself.  I don’t need someone to save me, I have learned to save myself. Believe in yourself. Monsters and villain may visit from time to time, but we are enough and we can get through what may come and try to dull our shine.

IMAGE CREDIT: Mona’s Comics: Life on the Pole


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