The New Year

A New Year has started and for many of us that means we have a long list of resolutions and goals.  I have sat at my desk and rewritten this piece several times. When you start to put words like “resolution” and “give up” on paper it really starts to make your mind wander to a place of negativity.  Life always has its ups and downs; they are meant to push us in the right direction. To get to that place where we want to be we don’t need any negativity along the ride. In order to create a shift I researched a few different approaches to help us grow in a New Year or just any day of our lives.  I have tried some of these methods and others I will be trying for the first time.

The Gratitude Journal
When we are thankful for the things we have it creates a feeling of warmth inside of us.  When we write down those things it amplifies our gratitude times ten. When we are thankful we receive, our prayers are better heard, and it keeps us in a place of light vs darkness.  This practice is so simple and when I stick to it I really feel so much more positive. Step one find a journal, a notebook, a space on your iPad; whatever works in your life. Every day commit to writing down five things you are thankful for, “I am so thankful for Flirt and the Sisters it has brought into my life” is an example.  You can also add more to your list whenever you want. This list is best made at either the start or end of your day. At the end of the year, month, or week that you commit to go back and read through your gratitude list and be thankful.

The Abundance Jar
This is another practice that I have tried in the past and always wonder why I ever stepped away from it.  The abundance jar is very simple; it is a jar, a vase, a box, whatever you chose to put your dreams, prayers, and thank you’s in side of whenever you feel the urge.  I keep little sheets of paper next to mine with a pen. When I want to attract something into my life I put a little prayer on the paper and drop it into the jar. If it comes to fruition I write a little thank you and drop it in to join the original request.  It is a way of releasing control over the things we want and putting them into the hands of God or The Universe. We release the stress of what we desire and know if it serves us it will come to existence. At the end of the year take time to read all your little papers in the jar.

A Daily Devotional
This can be religious or just spiritual and it can be a book you work with or a something that catches your eye at random.  The daily devotion is simply reading something that inspires us to live our best life each day. It is a reflection on our daily lives.  The reading can be short or long and you can do it when you wake up or before you go to bed. This is a very easy one to do if you need a little helping hand because there are hundreds of different types of devotional books available for purchase.  

Finding stillness in a world of noise is probably one of the best feelings that a human being can experience.  That sense of peace is something that we can tap into whenever we want; we just have to know how to call upon it.  Meditation has no associated costs and all you need is your breath. By setting an intention each day and just taking a minute to focus on something we do naturally you can have that peace.  Most meditation devotions are for 40 days because that is how long it take us to fully engage in our practice and get in touch with ourselves. This is a little something you can also share with your partner or children and incorporate into all of your lives as a unit.  

Wellness is not all just about meeting a weight loss goal or running a marathon.  Wellness is about taking care of our bodies and treating it with respect. Instead of concentrating on how you look on the outside think bigger.  What does your body need? Maybe you are tense so you start a yoga practice. Maybe you sit all day so you go for walks. Maybe you are tired so you take a day off from the gym.  On some days you may be hungrier than others so you indulge and you don’t beat yourself up for eating that cookie. When we concentrate on being thankful for our bodies and all the amazing stuff they can do; when we become in tune, the rest falls into place.  Make your life about feeling good instead of trying to squeeze feeling good into your life.

We are only a few days into the New Year.  Maybe you already broke your resolutions or maybe you didn’t make any at all.  Use the New Year for what it is….another opportunity to start over or a chance to create healthy new habits.  Don’t focus on the negatives aspects of change. Take the opportunity to alter your perspective and try something new. Let your New Year be filled with joy. I hope one of these practices serves you well.

The Duchess