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It’s burning up both outside and INSIDE @ Flirt Fitness

Seriously, time is flying! How is it the middle of June already? Summer is the absolute best time in Michigan. Animals are running around, every morning the birds call to the sun to rise. Summers are short and filled with adventures. Packing as much as we possibly can into a short amount of time.

Flirt Fitness is no exception. The sun has its heat on full blast and Flirt is moving forward with the speed of a burst supernova. So many fantastic changes, I am beyond, perhaps out of this world, excited? (No? too many space references?) With the opening of our new studio in Muskegon, new session starting June 25, expanding our Grand Rapids location and our street team being out in full force. The air may be full chill blasting in our studios, we are burning up!

I am a strong supporter and promoter of Flirt fitness, its patrons and most importantly the safe space it creates for women. I am proud to be part of a place that allows women to be exactly who they are. Every woman deserves to know she is beautiful and can achieve ANYTHING! Flirt emphasizes loving everyone, regardless of body size, athletic ability, income, social status, race or any other society embraced distinction. Flirt is an equal opportunity lover of women’s empowerment and growth. Flirt’s classes, teachers, students and even Amy herself are full of love and support. For real though, I could write an entire blog about how Amy is the absolute best, most dedicated, and supportive person!

Feeling like you could use a self-esteem boost? Want to bring out your inner sex-kitten? Learn to twerk? Or just have a night away? Want to tone up that summer bod? (Really though, you are beautiful and flawless, don’t let anyone EVER tell you different) Flirt has what you need!! With summer’s busy schedule, we could ALL use a little me time! Looking for something exciting to do for a bachelorette party or event, how about a private party? Not ready to commit to a level class? We have released a new promotional video showcasing all of our add-on classes. Seriously, I love it so much, I added another blog just to show it. Check it out!

I usually try to keep my messages short, informative and funny. This week, I felt compelled to talk about all of the buzz that is happening with Flirt Fitness. Not because I am trying to be pushy or sell things, but because I am truly proud to be part of such a wonderful place that makes women feel beautiful and valued. If I offended anyone, my apologies.

Oh, I almost forgot. Speaking of changes, I am happy to announce there will be a second blog composer starting soon. She is freaking fantastic! I won’t go into too many details but I know she will knock your socks off. Check in soon to see her first post and bio.

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