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A week we all look forward to…

Graduation Week!

This was a week full of graduations for many students- some having only one class while others completed multiple classes. As we celebrate our achievements and move upwards toward next levels, I would like to take a moment to reflect on the various perspectives experienced by both peers and staff members during this busy and exciting week.

When someone like me first heard that word, “graduation”, I worried that there would be material I would have to pass, or I if I didn’t, that I would not be allowed to go on to the following level. That is not the case. Our bodies, our pole journeys and our timelines are all different. Through these levels we know what’s expected, what we are able to do, and what we will still need to work on.

Graduation weeks are mostly filled with pleasant emotions, but there may also be a sadness of gals that may not be returning to class or Flirt at all. This session, my class of at least 10 sessions, will be parting ways. This has been the first and strongest bond I have made since moving to Grand Rapids November of 2015. For me, this week was a celebration of bonds made only here at Flirt!

Graduation week encompasses all the hours, and weeks of practice we put into ourselves to overcome those trying tricks we just don’t get the first time.

We witness and invest into all the themes and the ways we choose to celebrate the week or the entire theme of the session; whether it be spirit animals, bad schoolgirls, decade throwbacks, or love yourself among many others.

The ways we celebrate: theme, holiday, song choices, costumes… the garters, the photos, the hashtags, the hugs, the dancing the cheers the smiles and celebrations. The plethora of garters that grow in our collection, that while a simple symbol of our accomplishment are nothing compared to the pride in ourselves, the passion in our heart, and the strength in our bodies that we have gained.

For some this week could be a time to reflect on their comparison to where they were and how the felt week one, to the growth they have from level one.

The completion of a choreographed dance to a session’s song, the stronger feeling, the more fluid movement, the experiences, the gained flexibility. The experiences our instructors put us through. The woman who will post photos along the way with all her mishaps and success, the woman that will only photo her successes, the woman who takes photos for herself, but cannot post because of our societal views on our beloved passion.

It’s our front desk greeting us upon arrival noticing our outfit of choice, our instructors and classmates who have seen us through it all. The other students there at the same time and the instructors that compliment your dancing that they see maybe only every eight weeks. The women we may never meet, but gives our class, or us personally, a compliment in person or on social media, where we all gather and share in our Flirt family page.

Graduation week is finding commonality and knowing where one another have started to where they are now.

What are your thoughts? What does you pole graduation mean to you? What have been your favorite graduation moments or traditions at Flirt? What do you do with your garters? Is graduation week missing anything for you?

Hi! I’m your newest, secondary blogger to Flirt’s site. I’ll take the time to introduce myself in two weeks, so stayed tuned! For now, I wanted to be sure to share all the energy, joy and memories from this week before they slipped my mind. In the meantime, let us know your answers and comments to the questions and thoughts above. Keep on poling!

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