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Stir Things Up A Bit

The weather is getting nicer and I, for one, am itching to get outside. Since it’s that time of year where it look gorgeous outside through a window, but will sub-zero freeze you once you are no longer protected by walls and a roof. I reflect back to the winter months, realizing the impact the grey skies have on a person’s demeanor and wellbeing. Draining our sparkle. Thinking about how winters leave us searching for something to invigorate ourselves. As per the usual, I return to pole. Pole has helped me in more ways than I can express. It has given me confidence, strength, and an army of fierce shield maidens to call friends. I know I am a changed person.

Trying to escape the dreaded winter blahs, searching for that elixir to sooth my winter blahs. Let me now tell you how I managed through the doldrums of winter where I at points I didn’t even want to get out of bed.

What is this super exciting non-medicinal concoction I used? I took an add-on class! I know this may be the norm for many of you, but for me it was a new experience. Forcing myself out of the normal class room level routine. Focusing specifically on one thing. It was equally challenging and exhilarating. I took flexibility. As a person who is normally as flexible as a wooden ruler; I pushed myself to limits I did not know possible. The progress was so notable and rewarding. The changes did not stop there! I noticed a carry-over in my level class. I was able to open my hips and achieve a stronger base for many tricks. As my body changed, so did my outlook on poling and life. I was strong, more confident and was able to track progress. I was reminded that if you want something badly enough, you can make it happen.

Not going to lie, it was exhausting. Taking two classes had an effect on my body (holy tired and sore). The gains were immeasurable. For the first time I could see the progress, I put sweat and effort into taking two classes. I had to alter my diet to be better fueled for the super fun activities classes entail. I made time or me. IT WAS WORTH IT! With every stretch, grunt and push I was achieving a higher level of self-awareness and extending my limits. Not accepting that I couldn’t change my body. Eliminating mental barriers, previously held for years; I opened my mind. More things seemed possible. The breakthrough was revolutionary.

After the session concluded, I became a firm believer that EVERYONE should experience an add-on class. Since beginning my pole journey, I have grown leaps in bounds in acceptance, love and believing that happiness can be found everywhere. Even in the strangest and obscure places. Happiness exists while straining so learn the splits, while working at a new trick, or just sitting on the couch reflecting back on the love I have for all Flirt has given me.

Want to enjoy this super fun awesome tincture? Class schedules will be up shortly. Try one out!

I have always labeled myself, a work in progress. But no one ever said that progress was achieved easily. Sure, it was hard. Sure, it was painful but in the end the juice was worth the squeeze. And that my friends is a sweet nectar we all can enjoy.