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Staff Spotlight: Alisha

Flirt Fitness Studio BC Manager

Hopkins, Michigan. We have two stop signs and a lot of nothing else!

What brought you to Flirt Fitness Studio?
Searching the Groupon abyss for a girls night event. Attended an intro class, loved the positive message, safe space and atmosphere Flirt offered, haven’t stopped attending since.

What do you love about Flirt Fitness Studio?
It is really hard to pick one. I love that Flirt is a place for women to be beautiful, silly, sexy, the friendships and camaraderie. I love that Flirt offers a place for women to be themselves, with quirks, unique attributes  without judgement.

How long have you been at Flirt Fitness Studio?
I took an Intro Class n April of 2016!

Favorite Scary Movie?
Darkness Falls. It’s terrifying.

Who is your hero?
Everyone is both good and bad. Those who chose to be good, when being bad is easy and being good is ugly are truly special.

Favorite article of clothing to dance in?
Pajamas around the house.

Favorite Quote?
“When the axe came into the Forest, the trees said “The handle is one of us”. – Turkish Proverb

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