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Staff Spotlight: Alexis Furney

Alexis Furney
Instructor Trainer

Pole Moves Certified, Liquid Motion Certified, Spin Pole Certified

Climax, MI

What brought you to Flirt Fitness Studio?
My best friend from high school bought the Groupon as a surprise gift for me and when we showed up, I had no idea what I was in for, LOL! However, I ended up loving it, and talked to Amy right after and signed up for an 8 week session. By the way, the workouts were way harder in Intro back then, I couldn’t walk the next day! 🙂 and for the first session all Amy called me was… Cassandra… maybe it was another name… LOL! I had to correct her, right before asking if I could go to a pole competition with her. I say this because I have so many memories at Flirt. So many laughs and cries, and I am so thankful for the women I have met.

What do you love about Flirt Fitness Studio?
What do I not love about Flirt? I have been working here for 6 years now, and I love everything about Flirt and all the changes it has undergone to grow. We are a unity of women who support, love, encourage and accept every person that walks through the door here. We are not afraid to celebrate and honor the growth of women in the classroom, and outside in daily life. We are humble, selfish, kind and loving. What more could you ask for? It’s a safe haven where women can be their own person without the fear of rejection or judgement. We bleed purple!

How long have you been at Flirt Fitness Studio?
6 years!
What do you consider your teaching style?
Definitely differentiated instruction. This means I come up with several ways to explain moves or combos to girls, so that they feel confident to know and use that moves in freestyle and showcases/competitions. With my knowledge and experience, I am able to show you a move while you do it, by me just showing it, or me just talking through it. I share my lesson plans with my students so they can see what our conditioning is, review tricks/combos, and new tricks. That way they don’t feel like they have to remember what I said, and can take notes or review it at home. I am an encourage-er, with that, I push my students. YES, I DO- and I am proud to say it!! I believe in you guys more than you know. I know you can do a move, and I push you to do it with me assisting because I want you to see the faith in yourself I see everyday. I do lots of different warm-ups based on what we are covering in class to make sure you still have the stamina to get those new tricks, and feel accomplished and successful.
What is your favorite playlist during class?
My favorite playlist during class is Salsa/Batchata. It’s a mixture of upbeat, todays hits, mixed with other fun/exciting songs that just make you want to move and groove.
Favorite movie?
Oh boy, ummmm. The Patriot.
What accomplishments are you proud of?
All my certifications, and my successful implication and creation of the spin curriculum. Its a work in progress but I am always looking to mold it, so that it’s what my students need.
Favorite article of clothing to dance in?
Definitely not heels 🙂 Id say yoga pants, a knotted tank top, and knee pads.
Favorite Quote?
Never make someone a priority when all your are to them is an option. Maya Angelou

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