What We Do


PoleRoxx, LLC. Consulting

Through our consulting program, PoleRoxx provides you the “playbook” to start, build and grow your studio into a business you are proud to call your own.  We will assist you in:

  • location
  • marketing
  • training
  • sources for certifications
  • workshop ideas
  • sources for pole level certifications
  • cost structures
  • opening, maintaining and growing pains
  • mistakes to avoid
  • calculations, break-even, profitability
  • software recommendations
  • human resource issues
  • many others  (* list not all inclusive of services)

We will walk you through each step of opening, running and growing your business.  From the number of poles you need in each room to the training programs needed, PoleRoxx will work with you to accomplish your goals.

This program is designed for those studio owners looking for assistance or those newly opened/opening studios that would like guidance to avoid some of the mistakes they may not see.

PoleRoxx will evaluate your current situation and design a program built around your individual needs.  We will  come along side of your studio and assist you in taking your dreams to the next level.

If you are interested in consulting services, please click here and send us an email outlining what you may need.  We’ll be in touch with you shortly!