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Tips for Your First Pole Dancing Class

Ever want to take a pole dancing class and wonder what it’s like? It may seem intimidating at first, but everyone who is coming to class is a beginner just like you! Here’s what to expect…

1) Come with dry hands and bare feet
When it’s your first time practicing on a pole, you’ll quickly realize that dry hands (NO lotion!!) are your best friend and hand/body lotion can wait. Wearing lotion will make you slippery, so skip the stuff a day before your Intro Class!

2) Wear what makes you feel comfortable
When you feel your best, you can feel more “at home” in a new environment and new workout class, so pick a workout outfit that you feel comfortable and can easily move around in. We suggest wearing shorts/capris and a tank top/short-sleeve top – something you would wear to a Pilates or yoga class.

3) Don’t worry about doing everything perfectly
For real! If you don’t get it the first time, ask your instructor for tips and keep practicing! Even the best professional pole dancers in the world didn’t get every new trick on the first try. You’ll discover throughout your pole journey that there are some tricks you easily accomplish, and others that you’ll need to work on longer. One trick that you can do may be another person’s “nemesis trick” – keep practicing and never give up!

4) It doesn’t matter what age, size, or shape you are
We have so many wonderful students of all ages, sizes, and shapes at Flirt Fitness – and they are all so artistic and talented in their own way! The exact same goes for you!! It doesn’t matter what your background or fitness level, anyone can do pole fitness! Never apologize for being you. Just enjoy what you bring to your own practice and OWN it!

5) Bring a yoga mat and water
We always practice a mat-based workout at the beginning of every class, so be sure to bring a yoga mat. (We also provide some mats as well – just ask the front desk!) Also be sure to bring water to hydrate throughout the class.

6) Enjoy being a beginner
You will never be a beginner at a pole dancing class again once you finish your first class – so enjoy it! Enjoy practicing and discovering what kind of dancer you are. You will quickly find what your “style” is and what songs inspire you. Allow yourself to be sexy and confident and don’t worry about coming off as awkward or silly. When you let go, you are able to fully experience your first class and have FUN. I promise you will surprise yourself and come out a lot stronger and more confident than you realize!

Pole dancing is an amazing workout and a special practice that works all the muscles of the body you never knew you had. We hope this post gives you a little idea of what to expect at your first class!

Are you ready to jump in? Click here to check out our current Intro Class schedule and come join us!!
We can’t wait to meet you!!

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