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Recipe for Success

I’m not perfect by any means. I do things that annoy others, people do things that annoy me. It’s a perpetual cycle. Our differences are what make us, us and conversely what drives us crazy about each-other. We cannot use of differences as an excuse to behave poorly, that results in anger and anger is NOT what where we should aim our sights. I believe successful relationships are a two ingredient recipe.

1. mindful of your ACTIONS

2. be aware of your REACTIONS towards others.

Wait a minute, this is supposed to be a blog about pole fitness and pole journeys. Not a Dr. Phil episode on how to behave. Well, hold onto your pole shorts, because here is where it gets good. Here is where I connect this valuable life lesson to pole class. (Successfully, I hope.)

A lot goes on in pole classes. Music, lights, poles, shoes, students are practicing and teachers seem to be using Hermione Granger’s time turner as they are instructing, watching and spotting students all at the same time. With all the chaos, it’s easy to be distracted, or worse be distracting. This is where part one of my recipe is a MUST! Be mindful of your actions, be courteous to your fellow class mates and instructors.

Dont’s Do’s
Be oblivious Pay attention to your surroundings. Unless you are in a private lesson, you must share the room, pole and space.
Be Disrespectful Pat attention to your teacher, watch tutorials, actively listen to what is being shown/said
Talk the entire time Be courteous, your chatting could be dangerous if a crucial part of an instruction is missed
Be on your phone Use your phone wisely and at appropriate times. If your booty looks great, it still will at the end of class
Try things without correct support and instruction Ask your instructor if you are capable of doing ___trick. They will know your ability and will be honest. Being injured is no fun.
Complain about EVERYTHING If you’re not felling something, sit out for a bit. Negativity is contagious and disruptive.
Post things on social media when there are multiple people in the shot Ask to see if the person is ok with the post.
Ignore your body If it hurts, listen!

The second ingredient in my recipe is be mindful of your reactions.

Don’ts Do’s
Shut down when you fail Keep trying! We are trying to move our bodies in ways that are not biologically natural
Get snippy Use your frustration to push yourself
Give up Ask questions, ask for a demo, ask for clarification
Compare yourself to your sisters Celebrate your successes. Pole is a journey, not a destination.

Basically don’t be a jerk. Think about others, be courteous to your pole sisters and be attentive to your instructors. Actively participate, encourage your sisters, ask for clarification.  Just because something is easy for you, doesn’t give you the permission to take selfies, be distracting, or ignore your instructor as you swoon over yourself in a mirror.  There is a time and place for everything.

Mulan said it best “think before you [snack] act; this will bring you honor and glory.”

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