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New’s Years Resolutions

The time is upon us. New Year’s Eve is quickly rounding the corner. If any of you are like me you entertain the idea of trudging through the self-loathing muck and creating an ideal, albeit dreaded, Resolution. For a large majority of women we site health, fitness, engagement and “me time” as our general goals.  Unfortunately, for most of us, we give it a go for a few weeks and ultimately return back to our normal routines, completely forgoing our resolutions’.  We fail, not because lack of want, but lack of engagement and accountability. Life again, gets difficult and soon we are back to the same ole same ole routine. What if I told you, this year could be different and you CAN achieve your resolution and inner peace?

Let’s take a moment to explain why partnering with Flirt Fitness can assist you in your NY resolutions, hold you accountable.

Weekly classes – accountability and commitment
With fellow Ladies – engagement and comradery judgment free
Lesson Plans – working towards something, a goal and trick, whatever it may be
Many Options – works with any schedule, body type fitness level

The first (and in no particular order) way Flirt can help with your NYE’ R’s is weekly classes. It is frequent enough that you feel compelled to attend, beyond the amazing, happy, fun time you will have. It is a commitment, but a minor one, does not take too much of your time (one day a week for 90 minutes). The other ladies in your class will support you, knowing that others are counting on your presence creates accountability, which leads me to my second point. You will quickly bond with your classmates and instructor. You WILL learn to love, appreciate and cherish them.  They will encourage you to push yourself, literally holding you when you are shaky and cheer like wolves howling at the moon when you accomplish a trick you have been working on.  You have a sense of comradery that encourages your body and frees you mind from the negative.  Insert Zen!

The classes at Flirt are judgment free; you will not find “normal gym types.” Trying to show off, or being obnoxious.  Grunting and throwing heavy dumbbells. You will find a safe place for you to be whomever you wish, bring out your inner spirit animal, alter ego or sexy persona. You are safe to be you, in your purest form.  If you don’t have one? I suggest a panda; they seem to be jolly critters.

Next reason, (frankly I have lost count) Flirt should be your go to NYE Resolution center is it is really for anyone (as long as you’re a lady) body types, fitness levels, personalities. The classes are designed to progress at the student pace; this level of fitness is very fluid. The instructors are trained to teach at student directed pace and very thoroughly.  They are always willing to demonstrate something a hundred times and in sixteen different forms.  There are a wide variety of classes/days/times available in addition to several sexy add-on’s that allow you to hone on skills that may or may not be related to pole fitness, but overall fitness (booty camp, flexibility, S.L.A.P, to name a few). Intimidated?  They have intro classes where you can get a taste, without the fear.  Worried about cost? They offer a payment plan. Flirt’s guiding principles and motto is be confident, be sexy, be strong. Everyone there makes sure you have the best atmosphere to achieve these goals. Not a “sexy type” me neither, but you feel like Rebecca Rabbit sultry swaging as you leave class.  Don’t know who Rebecca Rabbit is? Google my friends. Google. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Rebecca+Rabbit

Most importantly, be you. Be happy with you. The best version of yourself is exactly where you are today, then tomorrow and so on and so forth. Love yourself; love your curves, your successes, your failures and your flaws. They make you unique, special and perfect. If you choose to do something, do it for yourself, not anyone else.  Here’s to a fantastic 2017 and you being the best version of yourself. A person filled with love, happiness, joy and pole at Flirt Fitness.

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