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A little bit of Pole humor

Recently, I have been reflecting on all of the impact pole fitness has had on my life. It has changed my opinions, given me SOME confidence and has introduced me to so many wonderful people. Basically my heart is full of love towards everything pole related and not so much for anything else. I have become preoccupied.  My social media has shifted from primarily animals (I mean, who doesn’t spend hours a day looking at animal videos?) to pole.  I was surprised to realize how much love there is in the pole community. It’s nice to know that people all around the world are partaking in this fantastic endeavor on the path to alternative fitness.

I began taking notes of random bits that I wanted to remember/research further; because I am THAT nerd. I know that grammatically the bullet points with one sub-point is not acceptable, but deal for a moment.  I decided to share some of the more notable ones. Basically, I’ve been conducting the  preliminary research the ‘Pole Fitness for Dummies” along with some added sass, because why not?

  • Most people struggle with strength/ flexibility
    • There are MANY exercise regimens that are aimed at increasing your strength and/or flexibility.
    • Yes, it will likely hurt. You are trying to convince your brain that you CAN bend in this direction
  • We do not participate in pole fitness solely to give our significant otters a “show”
    • The building of confidence MAY however carry over 😉
  • We are likely in the best shape of our lives
    • Oh you went to the gym and completed 35 squats with 5lb weights. Cool! Watch this…
  • What we eat CAN effect our grip/strength
    • Greasy = slippery. This is devastating to me!
    • Alcohol consumption can also effect grip
  • The clothing is not for others enjoyment
    • Showing skin = better grip. Unless we eat a whole pizza, then we will be slippery regardless.
  • Hormonal changes can effect grip
    • Is this because we crave kit-kat bars rolled in salt? High-fat foods = slippery? I must research that idea further.
  • The entire purpose of pole fitness is not “stripper training”
    • Well duh. Super mature response I know.
  • Eating protein before spin can help reduce the vertigo
    • As will turning once in the opposite direction and jumping
  • It’s a talent to be able to walk in 8inch heels
    • Again, well duh. To the average person this may seem innocuous
  • Learning new tricks takes time
    • As does every task, we now consider automatic
  •  Some day the bruised thighs will subside
    • Someday Dorothy will go back to Oz too

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