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Life is Hard! It’s so easy to get STUCK!

Let’s face it, being an adult is hard. When we are young we urn for the freedom that is being an adult. Eating what we want, no bed times, no one telling us what to do to clean our rooms.

Bippty Boppy Boo. We are into our adult lives. Going to work, coming home, cooking, cleaning, laundry and repeat. Our night now are filled with domesticities of humdrum life. We desire MORE! Something exciting, untraditional; maybe naughty? A dread fills us and we become robots. Making our way through each day, the small desire builds into an inferno, threatening to escape. We try in earnest to quell the building anger and resentment. Finding an outlet can be disastrous. We try running and blah. The gym double blah, food makes us angry because we eat too much. Missing the passion of youth; dancing, laughing and friends.  This was me to a “T,” a former dancer, athlete and fun person. Too busy being an adult to realize, I still needed fun. Sure, my friends and I got together for occasional “girls weekends,” but then all too soon reality set in and I was back running my hamster wheel called life.

“Wait” you say. “This is supposed to be uplifting.” Well hold onto your knickers, the change you desired is coming. Your world will never be the same!

The first time you hear about Flirt Fitness your brain gears start creaking. Can I do this? Squeek It’s way out of my comfort zone. Squeal What will others think? Grind The answer is a resounding “Absolutely!”

The change is immediate. After your first class, whether it be an intro, level class or add-on your humdrum world will be turned on its head. Changes happen, passion returns and you’re hooked. It’s an addiction. You start looking up pole wear during your lunch break and plotting your next session schedule. Trying to convince your S.O. that you NEED to take this class, or have to have those shorts in my life.  Your complete no good, terrible awful bad day turns into the most amazing day ever. You gush about the trick you just learned, eager to show off your “pole kisses.”

Flirt does this for so many people. I am one of them.  I was bitter about the progress of my life. I needed something more, Flirt became this for me. With a larger amount on confidence, I know you will feel the same.  It’s hard for people to believe that something as simple as a “fitness class” can have such a lasting impact. It’s so much more than a “fitness class.” It’s a challenge, it’s a purpose, it is a lasting impact that is weaved deep into the fiber of who you are.    Your class mates become friends, you share in joys (successfully navigating a really hard trick), sorrows (everyone has off days), and falls. You start to genuinely care for them, if they are absent you worry. When they return you run to greet them.

Don’t believe me? Take a class.  Make me a liar.

Leaving inspiration: Taken from Here’s to Us  by Halestorm

Here’s to Us, here’s to love to all the times we’ve messed up. Here’s to you, fill the glass. Cause the past few nights have kicked my ass. If they give you hell tell them to go “F”themselves, here’s to us.