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How to Slay in Stilettos

The great Coco Chanel once said, “A woman with good shoes is never ugly.”  Shoes can take us from busy career woman on the go to sexy siren just by changing them from black to red.  Shoes can come in all shapes, sizes, and color. But, there is something extra special about a hot pair of high heels.  They can make you feel pretty fearless and it is as if you can conquer the world in them. My passion for heels started at a very young age when I laid eyes on a pair of vintage Dior pumps my grandmother found.  That moment, at three years, old I decided I would never walk flat footed, and thus my life long distaste for the gym shoe was born. Every time I went to the gym I would dread putting on my athletic footwear. They were so boring and never sparked any joy in my life.   Then one day I decided to start pole dancing and that is when I met my new friend Pleasers. I put a pair of hot pink platforms on in my very first class at Flirt and I never looked back.

Now, as a woman I do understand that not everyone is willing to sacrifice comfort for fashion.  I know that some of you are turned off by the very idea of putting on a pair of heels; let alone dance in them. Not ever dancing in heels is totally okay.  If it isn’t your vibe don’t make them a part of your journey. Dancing has a whole different element of beauty when barefoot; gentle and delicate like the wind.  I know there are others who are ready to get their feet wet, but they don’t know where to start. There are literally 1000’s of pole shoes on the internet in so many styles and heights it can be overwhelming.  But, I am going to provide you with a little insight to help guide your decision. I know there are others like me, running in heels from the day they could walk, and willing to conquer even the highest Christian Louboutin ready to take on Pleasers.  To you ladies I just want to say let’s pause for a minute before you take the plunge and make a well-educated decision.

Where to start?

Pole dancing shoes specifically from Pleaser can range anywhere from four to ten inches in height with the platform.  If you are absolutely terrified or a beginner don’t be tempted to choose a heel height that is very low. Most professional pole dancers will suggest starting out with a seven inch platform because you need enough of a box in the front of the shoe to appropriately learn to balance and shift your weight.  It is also important to choose a shoe with ankle straps; this is purely for safety so they stay on your feet where they belong. Trust me they will not be as hard to walk in as you think. The platform allows the stiletto to be a little wider making it easier to find your center of gravity.

But I already know how to walk in heels…

This is where I want you to take a pause if you already know how to walk in heels and want to jump into something big; like an eight inch pleaser or a boot.  The way that pole dancers move in their platforms is very similar to way a ballerina flows through movement en pointe. It takes a lot of foot and ankle flexibility as well as strength.  Those tiny fragile muscles in the foot and ankle take time to develop. They will need lots of tender loving care. Dancing in a pole shoe and walking in a sky high stiletto are two very different things.  It is not worth risking the injury to just jump right in with something more challenging. If you do the work to move up to a higher heel, you will enjoy them so much more, than if you just jumped into the higher shoe.  

What about boots?

Boots can totally transform you into a different person and release something inside that you didn’t know you had in there.  Pleaser boots are an investment. Before you make the purchase make sure they are right for your pole journey. The first thing to note is the boots start at about eight inches and they are heavy.  The weight is much more noticable than in just a regular platform Pleaser. Make sure that you are strong enough to lift your body weight and accomidate the boot. The second important thing to know is that they come in two finishes matte and patent leather.  The patent is going to stick to the pole much easier. The matte is beautiful, but it will require more of your strength as you dance and climb the pole. If boots are your goal invest in a good pair of ankle weights to start building up the strength to wear them.  

Extra Tips

  • Make sure you when you purchase your shoes that you pay careful attention to the exchange and return policy.  The sizing can be tricky with Pleasers and pole dancing shoes in general. I had to go down a size in my shoes and up a size in my boots.  Save yourself the headache and try to avoid vendors that do not allow exchanges.
  • Strong feet and ankles are your best friend; that cannot be stressed enough.  Make sure they are part of your regular conditioning routine. Ballet barre warm up’s are a wonderful option and easy to do at home with free online videos.  Regularly stretch those toes and ankles; giving them loving massages helps.
  • Practice makes perfect! Walk around in your new shoes whenever you can and it will become second nature.  Set up a mirror, put some music on, and practice your runway walk in them. Do your turns and figure out your signature walk.  
  • Don’t get frustrated if heels are not your thing.  There are lots of people who choose to never wear heels even at the professional level.  Even some of our instructors at Flirt choose not to be on the Pleaser band wagon.

I hope this quick guide gives you a little insight as you shop for your Pleasers.  I believe that as women we all need those little moments where we feel truly beautiful.  Take a moment to take a look at your heels to embrace them for the positivity they bring into your life and your pole journey.  Put them on and take a look in the mirror to have a moment with yourself. You are a Goddess and with your sky high heels you can possibly conquer the world. You Slay Queen!