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Holiday Shopping Guide for Pole Dancers

The seasons have officially changed from pumpkin spice to Christmas cookie.  It is time to make your list and check it twice. This year were you naughty or nice?  In your heart of hearts are you wishing for pole delights all wrapped with care? Thankfully, your local shopaholic is here to help you help your holiday fairies pick the perfect gifts for even the fussiest of pole dancers. Please take a moment to explore the options and most of all Happy Shopping!

Give the Gift of Flirt

What gift could be better than Flirt money?!  Give the gift of Flirt and cash it in for classes, workshops, or private lessons. This is especially a great gift if there is just that one class that never quite makes the budget.  It is also perfect if the poler in your life has been dying for some one on one time with an instructor to get that nemesis move. Polers can also use it for items sold in the studio like Flirt gear. 

Grip Aids 

Grip aids make perfect stocking stuffers.  They are inexpensive and a poler can never have enough of them.  Depending on the strength required and the individual – preferences may vary from one person to the next.  The best thing to do is take a quick snoop in their pole bag for the brand. A few popular grips include Mighty Grip, Dry Hands, and ITac2.  The grips are available for purchase at any Flirt Fitness Studio or on Amazon.

Pole Gear 

Pole dance clothing items are created specifically with the apparatus of the pole in mind.  They typically are designed to make sure the parts of the body that need to be exposed are and so that the dancer can move freely in them.  There are many popular brands and price points starting in the mid $20.00 all the way to $110.00 for a pair of pole shorts. Flirt often will have select pole gear in the studio for sale.  Some popular brands include Cleo the Hurricane, Luna, Dragon Fly, RAD, and Paradise Chick. These brands are also available for purchase online from several websites including Pole Active Dancewear.

Pole Shoes

One thing that can become very addicting for a pole dancer is shoes.  There are so many to choose from and it can make a dancers head spin. With options ranging from sky-high bondage boots to sparkly pink glitter heels there are options for everyone.  If you are shopping for a newbie it is best to go with a lower platform, but if you have a heels pro on your hands the sky is the limit. The most popular brand in the industry is currently Pleasers , which can be purchased directly from their website or from Amazon among others.

Home Poles

What better way for a pole dancer to get that extra practice in than by having a pole at home.  These poles can come with a stage attached or free standing using tension instead of drilling it into the ceiling (which is also an option).  The most recognized brand in the industry is currently X-Pole. The pricing of these home poles starts in the $125.00’s and goes up from there. 

Online Pole Courses

A lot of us are busy professionals, students, and moms.  While we would love to get to the studio more frequently, our schedule may not allow it.  For the poler who is always on the go online pole classes can become the gift that keeps on giving.  The online courses can often be paid for monthly or annually; be sure to read the stipulations on their websites.  This is also a great partner gift to the home pole. Currently, the most popular online courses utilized by Flirt students are 123 Poling and Cleo’s Rock n Pole.  


Pole dancing is hard work and it can wear a dancer’s body out.  A great gift for the poler in your life is self-care time. There are many great options out there from the obvious like spa days, pedicures, and massages. Then there are the things that a person may not think of as self-care, but they absolutely are such as yoga classes and floating in tanks of water.  This one will just take a little creativity and the help of google search.