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Leaves Aren’t The Only Thing Falling

Welcome to Fall! It seems very peculiar that it can possibly be fall, but somehow it has snuck up on us again.  While autumn in the “actual” name of the season, we call it “fall” as that is what both the leaves and temperatures tend to do. As it turns out, that is what we tend to do in pole as well.

While many people love this crisper weather, it poses many challenges for clothing options (i.e. wearing a sweater in the 50* morning, but by noon you’re melting) it also causes a lot of changes in the pole studio. Poles take longer to warm up, and cool off more quickly. I have noticed these changes as well, my normal routines are not as effective.  I variate between many different grips I normally use a combo of corn huskers, dry hands, mighty grip and some pole mama’s grip that makes me feel like a gecko.  The past couple weeks, I have lost ALL my grippy power, no combination seems to be helping. I did some research and this is what I have to share with you all, this post will focus on not-commercially produced grip aides.

General Everyday Products.

What item Type How to use
Aloe The kind for sunburn Rub into skin at least 20 minutes before class (also conditions skin)
Baby wipes Brands without oils, lanolin, or lotion Wipe skin and let dry
Corn Starch The cooking kind Rub a small amount onto hands, works best with moist hands
Dry Shampoo The non-conditioning kind Spray on body parts
Hair Spray The “firm hold” Spray hands/body parts
Shave Cream The basic men’s foam Same as aloe
Toothpaste The general paste, not gel. Rub paste on hands, wash off and pat dry

While this list is not exhaustive, it does give a few ideas. It’s important to note that products will work differently for different people. Body-chemistry changes can also effect what products work. It’s important to test out different product or combination work best for you.

A few notable points. avoid really greasy products (think anything petroleum based), warm up the poles by gripping while walking around, or climbing a few times, don’t try 15 different things at one, more is not always better! Keep track of what you used, and what the conditions were. You don’t want to stumble across something that works fantastically and never be able to re-create the secret formula.

Colder temps dry out skin and dry skin actually grips less and has less elasticity (hello bruises). Be sure to moisturize! During the next few weeks, I plan on trying out these household items and reporting back, including a recipe for a “moisturizing grip homemade grip-aid.” I’ll admit I am skeptical, but I’ll give them a try and report back in a couple weeks.

***Image borrowed from http://poledancingadventures.com/comic/to-lotion-or-not-to-lotion/