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Since Flirt Fitness Studio® started, we have had a lot of students drive in from the Lakeshore for our classes. As a business, you always have potential clients or even current clients that want you to open closer to their house. What they don’t understand is that you cannot be everywhere! However, our ears were open in case there was an opportunity that we were faced with. And, then we were faced with it!

We took advantage of it, and in 2017 Amy signed a lease to open her third studio in Norton Shores. This studio is a home to 2000 square feet of space, two rooms with 9 poles each and 16 feet of climbing room on each pole! If you haven’t seen this space yet, it’s a must see – it is b-e-a-utiful!


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Justine Helsen

Studio Manager

I want my students to truly gain everything they hoped to gain from Flirt Fitness and MORE! I want my students to truly fall in love with themselves. I want to see them wear their bodies with great pride; loving every inch of their uniqueness. I want the wall size mirrors in the studio to no longer be a voice for their insecurities, but a FRIEND that gives them a clear reminder of their true beauty and strength. If my students walk out of the studio each week feeling confident, sexy, strong, and full of self-worth then I will know I am fulfilling my duties as an instructor.


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