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Since Flirt Fitness Studio® started, we have had a lot of students drive in from the Lakeshore for our classes. As a business, you always have potential clients or even current clients that want you to open closer to their house. What they don’t understand is that you cannot be everywhere! However, our ears were open in case there was an opportunity that we were faced with. And, then we were faced with it!

We took advantage of it, and in 2017 Amy signed a lease to open her third studio in Norton Shores. This studio is a home to 2000 square feet of space, two rooms with 9 poles each and 16 feet of climbing room on each pole! If you haven’t seen this space yet, it’s a must see – it is b-e-a-utiful!


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Shannon Misze

Studio Manager

I've been in love with Flirt ever since purchasing a Groupon and attending in Intro Class with a friend over four years ago. I was beyond excited when the Muskegon location opened ~ I knew this was exactly what the lakeshore needed and that I needed to be a part of it! We strive to provide a loving, caring, encouraging atmosphere that women can feel safe in and express themselves in creative and empowering ways (while sneaking in a bit of getting into shape too!). It's refreshing to enjoy some quality ``me time`` and build new friendships along the way.


You’ll fit right in with our Flirt Fitness Studio® family! Just choose a class and register online. We recommend starting with our Intro Class to “try before you buy” or hop right into our Signature Pole Class with Level 1 or our Pole Kitten Plus Size Program! Make sure you sign up for our monthly newsletters to stay in touch with upcoming workshops and events.