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Finding peace in a time of constant conflict and turmoil.

Alright ladies. It’s going to get real tense for a bit. The harsh reality is, the past few weeks have been brutal. Families are divided, half-truths and propaganda is everywhere. It’s hard to know who we can trust or talk to for fear of bringing down a fury that is unbearable. Top that off with a good ‘ole dose of Michigan-we-never-see-the-sun winter and here we are, the doldrums. The sneaky black pits where people fester angrily with opinions, beliefs and super crankiness due to a lack of vitamin D. Depressing Right?  While it would be nice to be whisked away on a Caribbean Vacay, most of us do not have that luxury. We seek alternate realities, only to be bombarded by the media, in every inch of our overly connected lives.

Perhaps not everyone is in the know about current events and I am envious of you! For real, I want to be you. Not creepy like wear you as an Edgar suit, but just switch lives a bit. All of this has me quite down. In a funk, something dark and musty. During these times I have been realizing how strongly I depend on my week dose of Flirt classes to help restore my faith in humanity and my ever waning sanity.

Could it be the 90 minutes of me time? The few precious moments I can retract from my daily duties and focus on me, my body and what I need. Could it be the meditations? Centering and calming my psyche. The physical strain? Pushing my body to the limits and then further. The mental engagement? Focusing purely on my body and those limits, forcing myself not to back down.  The strength and accomplishment I feel when I accomplish a trick?  Feeling as if I am in charge of something. Anything! Acting on the world and not having it act on me. The sisterhood? Group of shield maidens who would wage war to stop the negativity. Could it be the silence? The disconnecting from the outside, focusing solely on fitness, friends and bringing out my inner spirit animal.

I do not believe it is any of these things alone, in isolation. Truth is, nothing is really done for only one reason.

I am sure I am not alone when I say I NEED Flirt classes, sisters and engagement to help me get through these times. We live in a world that has so much dark and hate. Flirt has become my light.  I have learned to appreciate these dark times. It is only during the bad; can we really appreciate the good. A huge shout out to Amy for giving us this place.

While writing this blog, I couldn’t help but think it sounds like a really cheese infomercial. Perhaps I can talk Amy into doing a PSA?