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Embrace Your True Nature Element!

Have you ever noticed how differently we all approach a certain dance move or trick in class? Or that certain songs make us naturally float into any routine with grace or react to it with fiery passion? We are all of similar nature, yet possess a powerful, special trait that shines brighter than any other. When we learn more about ourselves, we grasp onto it, embrace it, and own it because is who we are. Do you know which true element you possess?

Are you: grounded, thrive on feeling “settled”, learn best by doing, someone who appreciates the physical and the “real” things in life that you can touch and feel, and possess a patient and goal-setting personality?

An Earth woman’s relationships are long-lasting and she appreciates the connection she feels towards her family, friends, co-workers, and even people she just met. She is unapologetically physical and enjoys her sexuality – in body and in mind. Her favorite way of communication is through physical touch – a hug, a kiss, a pat on the back. These physical elements fulfill her. An Earth woman’s weaknesses are her bull-headedness and stubborn behavior, which can be her strengths if she allows them to be molded in the right way. You stand for what you believe in and no one can knock you down for long!

Unleash your powerful Earth element nature to these songs:
Animals” – Martin Garrix
Brain” – BANKS
You & Me (Flume Remix)” – Disclosure
Mirrors” – Natalia Kills
SexCapades” – Drew Love

Are you: a good listener, someone who thrives on emotion and feeling, generous and empathetic towards others, and love to daydream?

A Water woman’s movements are fluid and full of grace. She enjoys “going with the flow” in a group but still has a good head on her shoulders when it comes to making decisions. She is compassionate and everyone around her can see her open heart that she practice towards others every day. Even her clothes reflect her Water element personality – she wears flowing dresses and jewelry to express her femininity and carefree self. However, she tends to keep feelings inside, rather than verbally project them – which can be a weakness if she allows them to interfere with the relationships she has with others. Use your artistic personality to produce beauty and tenderness in the world!

Allow your Water element nature to thrive with these songs:
Alibi” – BANKS
Battle Cry” – Angel Haze & Sia
Confess to Me” – Disclosure
Don’t Stop Dancing” – Kaskade
All My Love” – Ariana Grande & Major Lazer

Are you: a person who relies on your intuition, sometimes hot-tempered, described as “intense” with your goals and personality, loves to transform yourself after a negative situation, and is a natural leader?

A Fire woman is one who enters the room and everyone can feel her “burning” presence. She is a natural leader and follows her gut on every decision she makes. She commits fully to her passions, never quitting and always stays on course until goals are met. Everyone is hypnotized by her – whether it’s her beauty, her devotion, or her verbal expressions. While this heat can be beneficial to the world, it can also cause problems for the woman of Fire. Her temper is hot and can be prone to rage if she doesn’t learn to control these powers. Fire is also impulsive, which can be good or bad – all of which is up to her to control for a better or worse end circumstance. Use your fiery passion to bring motivation and strong leadership to the world!

Ignite your passionate Fire element nature with these songs:
Burning Desire” – Lana Del Rey
Drumming Song” – Florence + The Machine
Dynamite (Yellow Claw Remix)” – Quintino & MOTi ft. Taylr Renee
Get Free (Andy C Remix)” – Major Lazer ft. Amber Coffman
Man Down” – Rihanna

Are you: the kind of person who sees “the big picture”, not always interested in the small details, easily distracted, a free-thinker, someone who dislikes a lot of commitments?

An Air element woman are brilliant individuals, but tend to be absent-minded in thinking. She can be described as “ADD” because she likes to have many “balls in the air” at a time. She is easily distracted and tends to be forgetful because her head is always “in the sky.” Because she is free-thinking, Air element women do not thrive on tradition. She has charm but lacks in social ability, which tends to flow well along with Water element women who crave the more introvert life rather than the extrovert/social lifestyle. Her lack of desire for commitment may make it difficult for her to have long-term relationships or blossom in a marriage relationship, but the Air woman is a wanderer at heart and may learn to accept this way of life without consequence. Travel, write, reflect – become who you were meant to be with the way of the Air element!

Embrace your daydreams with these Air element songs:
Hawaii (Niva Remix)” – Blackbird Blackbird
9 Crimes” – Damien Rice
What I Might Do” – Ben Pearce
So Long, Lonesome” – Explosions in the Sky
Simply Falling” – Iyeoka

What is YOUR nature element? Share in the comments below!


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