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Corporate Professional by Day and Goddess by Night

Within the walls of Flirt Fitness Studio we are embraced by a warm purple bubble of love and female empowerment.  But, when we leave the studio we all go back to our everyday lives. I am a woman in my late thirties and during the day I am a human resources project administrator.  My job is very corporate and high stress. Flirt is my escape from all the rules and regulations I interpret for clients from nine to five. One question that comes up quite frequently from friends and family is, “how do you explain pole dancing to your employer in a role like yours?”

The Top Five Assumptions Surrounding Being a Corporate Professional, and Pole Dancing

  1. If your employer finds out you pole dance they will fire you for it.
    1. Pole dancing has NEVER impacted my career in a negative way period. My opinion as a human resources professional is singling out an employee because of being a pole dancer is discrimination.  Women should not be judged EVER in the workplace because she works out in Pleasers instead of Nikes. If I were ever discriminated against for my dancing I would seek full legal remedy.
  2. If you take photos or videos of your pole dancing aren’t you worried about what your co-workers will think?
    1. I have a strict no co-workers or clients on social media policy.  If they send me a request to follow my profile I will politely decline the invite. Pole is not the only reason for my rule. I always will explain I prefer to keep work and my personal life separate.  No one has ever questioned that response. I also use a fictional last name to make me a little harder to find online.
  3. How do you tell your co-workers about pole dancing?
    1. Again, generally I keep my work and personal life very separate.  But, if asked about some of my hobbies I will bring up pole. Because West Michigan is a little more conservative I will introduce it as aerial dance.  Once I getter a better feel for their openness or if they have more questions I am willing to have a discussion. That is part of stopping the stigma that surrounds the pole community; having positive conversations.  
  4. Have you ever been sexually harassed about pole dancing by a co-worker or client?
    1. No, I personally have not been sexually harassed.  I consider myself to be pretty intimidating at the workplace as far as being a secure woman. I think that scares off some of the comments from the peanut gallery. However, as a human resources professional I have read cases of sexual harassment happening to polers at the workplace.  Please if you feel uncomfortable at work over what someone says to you about your dancing report it immediately. Those individuals need to be held accountable for their inappropriate actions and sexual harassment should always be zero tolerance.
  5. What is the reaction from your co-workers when they find out you pole dance?
    1. In my professional life the reaction has been very positive from my female and LGBTQ co-workers.  A lot of them make really nice comments like, “I must be really strong or I wish I could be confident like you.”  I find them asking me how my pole classes are going or if I have learned any cool new tricks. If anything they are curious. I don’t get much of a reaction from my straight male co-workers because I understand that could be a fine line to cross. They mostly chuckle and look uncomfortable.  

My night time hobby of being a Pole Goddess has made me more secure as a woman in the workplace.  I am more confident in myself and my abilities. I have more value for what I am capable of because I have this huge support system at Flirt.  When I see the things my body can do because of pole it reassures me that I am strong and I can take on anything; even corporate America.