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Grand Rapids Location:
5366 Plainfield Ave NE Suite J
Grand Rapids, MI 49525
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Byron Center Location:

2237 84th St. Suite 103
Byron Center, MI 49315
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Sunday-Thursday - 5:45pm-9:45pm
Saturday - 10:30am-1:00pm

Classes & Pricing at Flirt Fitness

Our classes give you a phenomenal, sensual, sexy workout so take advantage of all of our classes and see immediate results. You will be amazed how quickly you will lose weight, tone your body, shrink your waistline, feel great and just have fun! Our signature pole classes are a fusion of pole dancing, exotic dance, pilates, yoga, and much, much more! In each level, 20 or more pole tricks are taught along with a routine and several transitional moves. You will use the entire room as we introduce beautiful floor and wall work as well. You'll not only learn to do beautiful pole tricks, you'll also learn to DANCE!

Within each 90 minute class you will also go through a full body warm-up and workout as we condition your body and your self confidence for the pole. After learning your moves for that day, you will put it together as you end the class with dancing!

All new students should choose Level 1 classes.

ALL Classes run 90 minutes. Because these classes run in a series and are progressive by nature, we do not allow them to be purchased individually.


Intro Class
This is a one-time class to introduce you to our signature series. It is intended for someone who wants to "try it before you buy it"! Check out the dates and times by clicking here!

Wish you could book a private intro class for the women in your neighborhood, small group, meet up group or fitness group?  NOW YOU CAN!!!  Give us a call to request your private intro class and check what dates we have available.  Must have a minimum of 8 women.  Must pre-register.


Class Length
ALL Classes run 90 minutes.

Class Levels
Level 1 -   Pole Kittens
Level 2 -   Pole Princesses
Level 3 -   Pole Goddesses
Level 4 -   Pole Sirens
Level 5 -   Pole Vixens
Level 6 -   Pole Masters
Level 7 -   Pole Hottie Degree
Level 8 -   Pole Royals
Level 9 -   Pole Teasers
Level 10 - Pole Flirts

Elite Class and Competition Class follows these levels. These classes are ongoing and teach competition flows, combos and tricks!

Add-on Classes
Spin Pole
Pole Poise
Pole Booty Camp
Liquid Motion
Flirt Flexibility

Click here for a full description of these sexy classes!

And watch here for our HOT ADD-ON PROMO VIDEO!!

When registering you may choose between paying for your classes IN FULL or opting for putting down a $50 deposit and then continuing with a 4-week PAYMENT PLAN. If you choose the payment plan, the balance of your class will be divided into 4 equal payments and will be taken off a debit or credit card. The deposit will be deducted at the time of registration and the remaining payments will be deducted the days you take class weeks 1-4.

Intro Class – $30.00
8-week Session - $225.00
Add-on Class - $125.00


New Class Special:

Buy 1 Get 2 for $100 off each!

- Buy your first 8-week session at regular price ($225)
- Get your 2nd and 3rd 8-week session for only $125!
- And get your 4th class FREE!!!
(All classes must run in the same 8-week session. Call studio to register.)

Private/Semi-Private Lessons


1-on-1 with instructor
$75 per hour


You and up to 2 friends with instructor
$140 per hour

(1 hour minimum)

(Buy 3 private lessons and get 20% off!)
(All private lessons must be paid for at the time of booking)