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Can I get a Woosah?

By and large pole is rapidly gaining popularity in the world. HOORAY

For many of us, we are unable to share our joys and accomplishments outside the studio.  BOO!

It’s a sad and unfortunate truth that a majority of people have blinders on when it comes to pole. Years of negative stigma has ruined the general public’s mind. This negativity is equally shared by men AND women.  There should be a special title for “those” people. Something akin to Harry Potter’s Muggles, but for pole. I will think of something to call them before my 500 words are up.

Just this week I was telling my sister, MY SISTER! (who is supposed to support me unconditionally as we both have so much dirt on each other it’s probably unhealthy), about a new outfit that I ordered. I showed her a picture and was like “Ohh looky! I am so excited” she looked and scoffed. (She’s really not a jerk, but you couldn’t have convinced me otherwise that day) Her remark “oh that’s for wrapping yourself around a pole.” Anger fared I went from happy to wet-cat mad in one sentence. What right does she have to judge me? Why can’t she support me?  I have to believe that I am not alone in this experience.

This is NOT the first time I have heard negative feedback when I talk about pole. I get the “are you going to be a stripper?” “It cannot possibly be that hard.” Blah blah blah. It’s exhausting trying to combat all the negative energies.

Let’s be real. We bust our butts both inside and outside class, develop bruises in obscure places and fall dozens of times to perfect a trick. Groundies (that is what I have decided to call them) do not share our enthusiasm or our zest for all that pole offers. Let alone comprehend the hours of effort, sweat, blood or tears shed.  Fear of judgment by family, friends or work stops us from proudly sharing. We are forced into dark corners; creating secondary social media profiles. Just to showcase our passion. It’s LUDACRIS!

Long ago I was once told that it is impossible to be uneducated, only under-educated. Perhaps we need to stage a super awesome pole day where we all brazen ourselves and post ourselves freely. A protest against the negative people who can barely see past their upturned noses. We have earned praise and redemption. We ARE athletes, if it is acceptable for a woman competing in rhythmic gymnastics can win a gold medal in the Olympics. Please tell me why can someone who can iron x, wild falcon, or do an inside leg hang (because dang it, those hurt) post freely without negativity?

Happily different artists are starting to showcase the incredible, gravity defying art that is pole. This is a start! Bring pole fitness mainstream, educate the masses. Rewrite the misguided perceptions. Not ready to be that bold? I suggest starting by showing this blog because WHOA!  If you cannot appreciate the feats showcased there, you must be a robot and as a result, your opinions do not merit consideration.