Breaking Point

Whoa. It’s week SEVEN! How did that happen? Where did the time go? You may be debating signing up for classes for next session.

If you are anything like me, your most recent session was filled with ups and downs and I don’t just mean climbing. (I couldn’t resist…I tried)

Flirt classes are challenging! Sure, the tricks look effortless via the super awesome instructors that manage to contort their bodies with the grace of a tenured ballerina; into shapes that leave us swooning. I try it and ULTIMATE FAIL! Sometimes I feel like I could be the posterchild of Flirt fails. Think Pinterest fails, but on a pole. The thing is, I don’t give up…MOST of the time. Struggling isn’t fun, it’s completely emotionally and mentally draining.

My first breakdown was with climbing. I was so excited entering my first class of level two. Ready to rock this, proudly emblazoning my name on the ceiling. I watched every move of the instructor taking mental notes. I barely could move off the ground. If I made it off the ground, I went 2/3rds of the way and was convinced the pole was coated in lard. Not yet defeated, I kept trying. The fearless and stunning ladies in my class were signing their names left and right. Here I was stuck in the middle in a pile of slippery lard, not able to move at all. I continued doubting my ability, I exhausted myself. I was drowning in anger, self-doubt and plainly quit.

Truth be told, I had to leave the room, hide in the bathroom and cry. Convinced I wasn’t good enough, a failure. I knew I was going to quit. I KNEW IT!

Slowly my composure was gathered. I couldn’t have been in there for more than a few minutes. As I was heading back to class, shoulders hung in shame. I was met in the hallway by a classmate. She had noticed my struggle and came to check on me. I was both touched and ashamed. Someone had noticed my absence and wanted to make sure I was alright. I was completely defeated. She hugged me, few words were spoken, but a ship-load of grief was removed from my shoulders. After returning our instructor came over, very nonchalant and told me not to give up. I never did get to the top of the pole that day, but you bet your Josiah wearing butts I came back and eventually made it up that dang pole.

I could have quit. I was convinced I needed to, I was NEVER going to get it. Through the kindness and true caring of my Flirt sisters, I kept at it. Sure, I still struggle. There are tricks that seem impossible. (Reverse grab, yuck!) Through the love and support, I know that IF I never get a trick; I am supported. That supports means more to me than the success of ANY trick I could possibly learn.

I am not sure if anyone reads these blogs, but if you do. Thanks! Just keep at it, you are amazing and you are worth the effort of trying. The success is never as important as the path you took and the lessons learned along the way.

“Never accept s fate that you do not treasure. Never stop searching for a greater goal. Take to the seas and travel the world. Open your eyes and expand your mind. You are the only limit on your adventure” – Hedendom