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A Meditation for Self Love

Valentine’s Day has been coming around since the thirteenth century and based on this years as always heavy advertising hasn’t decided to take a step back.  There are so many fun things to love about it; the candy, the pink everywhere, and the cute decorations. But, it can also be a lonely time not just because you may be single, but because you may be going through something else emotionally.  I feel like we tend to make Valentine’s Day about relationships and the fairytale ideal of what we should act like when we are in them. But, it has a deeper message and that is about love overall. Why don’t we flip the table on Valentine’s Day and make it about self-love?

I want you to find a comfortable seat or place to lay down.  Light a candle or burn some incense and play something relaxing (I wrote this while listening to Je Vole by Louane).  Begin to get in touch with your breath by breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Imagine you are free of all of your fears and insecurities.

You are on a stage, in a theater, and you have just danced in the performance of a lifetime.  

Your heart is full and you are grateful.  

You look into the dressing room mirror, the light shines onto your reflection, and you are beautiful.

As you remove your lashes, one at a time, you see how bright your eyes are as they have guided you through life.

You begin to wipe off your make-up and you notice your freckles; kisses from summer days in the sun.

Stained from your lipstick your mouth stands out against your clean skin and you are thankful for all the times you used it to stand up for yourself.

Changing from your costume into something much more comfortable you take a moment to appreciate every bruise, every bump, every muscle, and every lump.

Taking down your hair you exhale all of your burdens.  

Looking at your reflection once more you realize your power.

When you take a moment to love yourself; you are the star of the show.

As you come back to your breath take a moment to observe.  What do you see, thing, or feel? Remember that love is a beautiful thing.  But, there is no better love than the love of ourselves and the time we give it.  You are a woman who is deserving of self-love.